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Tattvas: Jal, The Water Astrology Elements

water element in astrology

As per ancient Vedic wisdom, the Panchabhuta or the five elements make up the physical world that we know; Akasha (ether), Agni (fire), Jal (water), Prithvi (earth) and Vayu (air). The 12 Rashis or signs in Vedic astrology are also classified under four of these elements, namely; fire, water, earth and air. The four elements lend their characteristics to the signs that are classified under them. The planets are also classified under the four elements. Since the nature of these four elements are easily seen in the world around us it is very easy to make a correlation between these elements and the characteristics that are attributed to them.

Water Astrology Elements: Rashis And Planets

The water astrology elements signs are Karkata (Cancer), Vrishik (Scorpio) and Meena (Pisces). Venus rules the element of water. Moon and Jupiter are also water planets.

The Water element in the nature
The Water Element

Every person has a horoscope that has the twelve houses and nine planets with different highly individual placements. The placement of the planets in the relevant signs determines how much or how little of an element is present in an individual horoscope.  Ideally, a person would have all the four elements in a balanced way in their horoscopes. The aim of most Ayurvedic treatments is also to balance the elements in a person’s body as it is the balance of the elements in a person that is the key to good health. In actuality, it is seen that there is a skewed balance of elements in the majority of horoscopes. It is not unusual to find that most horoscopes have an emphasis on two elements and a deficiency in two.

The Nature Of The Water Astrology Elements

If the water astrology elements were to be described in one word, that word would be emotions. Water governs the emotional mind of a person. People with a good amount of water influence in their horoscopes are very sensitive and emotional. The water element helps us to make connections with others specifically the subconscious, spiritual and emotional connections. It gets us in touch with our feelings and those of others as well. This also makes the water element predominant people very compassionate and intuitive. 

A Water Droplet
A Water Droplet

Water people might be perceived as aloof by others when they are in fact very shy. Once they get to know and trust a person they are able to share camaraderie easily. They want to share an emotional bond and nurture others. Emotions and intuition more than logic govern most of their life decisions. They can be emotionally needy, emotionally dependent, oversensitive, overemotional, emotional to extremes, escapist and paranoid. When there is a deficiency in the water element, the person lacks the capacity to easily access and understand their own feelings and the feelings of others. They need to learn the lessons of developing emotional sensitivity, compassion and intuition. 

The Water Rashis 

The water aspects in astrology express themselves in each of the three water signs in different ways. Though they all display water characteristics they are still different. 

Cancer or Karkata/ Karka

The Cancer or Karkata Rashi dominant people are emotional, sensitive, love their home and family. They value taking care of others and nurturing their loved ones. They tend to avoid conflict. Like the crab which is the symbol for this Rashi, they have a seemingly hard shell but are very soft and sensitive inside. They are therefore easily and deeply hurt and get depressed easily. They find comfort in family and close friends.

Water Element In Astrology
The Cancer Sign/Rashi: Water Element In Astrology

Scorpio Or Vrishik

The Rashi or sign of Scorpio or Vrishik is a water sign. The sign of Scorpio is very secretive, intense, passionate, possessive, determined and with clear goals in life. In addition, Scorpio influenced people are intense and have strong powers of intuition. When negatively expressed they have a tendency to hold on to grudges, never forget a slight and be revengeful. They then take the emotional aspect of water astrology elements to the depth of emotion and obsession. While they are sincere and trustworthy people they can also be driven by jealousy and manipulation. They usually swing to extremes in emotions whether positive or negative. 

Scorpio or Vrishik Rashi
Scorpio or Vrishik Rashi is a water sign.

Pisces Or Meena

The Pisces or Meena Rashi people are very emotional and sensitive people. They are easily trusting of others and are very compassionate, intuitive, generous and sensitive people. Their emotions swing from extreme happiness to deep despair and they are often in a dream world and retreat within themselves. They have a tendency to be vague and pessimistic at times. Their willingness to adjust and be flexible is the reason why people take them for granted.

Pisces or Meena rashi
Pisces or Meena is a water element sign.