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Shri Mangalnath Temple – Astrological Importance, Temple Info, Travel Guide

Shri Mangalnath Temple in Ujjain

The Mangalnath temple in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, Central India has a unique connection with the planet Mars. It is the only large Indian temple dedicated to the planet Mars.

A problem in the relationship? Working hard on your marriage but still failing to keep up to your partner’s expectations? Are you a ball of fire ready to burst at the smallest hint of instigation, or missing opportunities even after having the longest career plan? If you have already seen an astrologer and he suggests that your Mangal, or Mars, is in the 7th house of your horoscope, then don’t wait for more, get a ticket to the city of Lord Shiva, Ujjain and visit the Mangalnath Temple.

Mangalnath temple entrance
The entrance to Mangalnath temple, Ujjain


According to Matsya Purana, Mangalnath Mandir Ujjain Madhya Pradesh is the place of birth of Mangal or Mars. The legend states that planet Mars was born at this place,  out of Lord Shiva’s perspiration which fell on earth when he was fighting a fierce battle with a powerful evil force. Since his son took birth during a moment of fierceness and rage, he was born with a red hue. Hence, the temple got its name Mangalnath from the Sanskrit name of planet Mars, Mangal.

The Scindia dynasty is attributed with the foundation and construction of the Mangalnath temple.

Mythology Of Shri Mangalnath Mandir Ujjain

It is believed that Planet Mars is the offspring of Lord Shiva and planet Earth. Legends say that Mars broke out of Earth at this point, hence the place is called motherland of Mars. In view of the fact that Earth is the mother of Mars, Bhoomi Puja is held every day on the premises of the temple.

Mangalnath temple is considered a Parihara temple where people suffering from Mangaldosh and Kujadosh in their horoscope are treated with the help of various Poojas.

Mangalnath temple Pindi
The Shiv Ling at Mangalnath temple

Interesting Facts About Mangalnath Temple

  • The Prime Meridian, which divides the earth into two equal halves passes through Shri Mangalnath Temple Ujjain. That is why Mars can be seen clearest from this spot. Hence, it has become a renowned place for astronomy and Jyotish Vidya.
  • Mangalnath temple is the only large temple for the planet Mars across the whole of India. This is in spite of Mars being the most prominent planet in a person’s life, in Hindu astrology. According to astrology if Mars is in the 1, 2, 4, 7, 8 and 12th houses of a horoscope then the person will have Mangal Dosh or The Stain of Mars, especially if it is in the 7th house.
  • The ‘Kark Line’ or Tropic of Cancer passes through Mangalnath Temple.
  • Shri Mangalnath Temple Ujjain is reputed to be the Center of the Earth.
  • Shri Mangalnath mandir is present on the banks of river Shipra, also known as the mother of Mars. Therefore, you must take a dip in the river and pour water of Shipra river on the Shivling in the temple.
  • You will have to make reverse Swastik on the wall of the temple when you wish for something. If your wish comes true, you have to correct the direction of your Swastik.

Bhat Pooja at Shri Mangalnath Temple Ujjain

Various Poojas takes place at Mangalnath to ward off the evil effects of the planet Mars. Mars is the planet of energy. This energy may easily turn into aggression, anger, competition, and agitation.  Planet Mars is synonymous to problems in the marriage, delay in marriage, or loss of health and profits. To correct these, the priests of Mangalnath Mandir organize various elaborate poojas for the devotees. Bhat pooja is a unique pooja which takes place on Tuesdays, new moon, and full moon days.

In Bhat pooja, you will have to offer one and a half kg of boiled rice and curd to Lord Shiva. The belief behind this is that Mars is a hot planet, and is always volatile. Offering rice and curd will cool down the planet, hence bringing peace and harmony in your life.

Bhaat Puja Mangalnath Temple
Bhaat Puja being performed at Mangalnath Temple

A Bhat Pooja would cost around 1300 INR, while Mangal Dosh and Griha Shanti Poojas would cost higher at 5000 and 13,000 respectively.

The Deities At Mangalnath Temple

Devotees worship Mars in the form of Lord Shiva, the God of life and death, and also the father of Mangal or Mars planet. The Shivling of Lord Shiva is the main deity. It is on the shivling that pooja like Bhaat and Mangal Dosh takes place. The idol of Mangalnath is at the inner sanctum sitting on his Vahan (vehicle), Rishabh, the goat.

Graha Shanti Pooja is carreid out by priests on the idols of nine planets. There is also an idol of Goddess Bhuvaneshvari in the temple.

Temple Architecture

The temple structure consists of white marble stone. Various poojas are performed on the ground floor and the main shivling is on the first floor. A silver covering protects the shiv ling on all sides along with a silver pot on top, from which water, milk or curd drips on the shiv ling throughout the day. The statue of the deity is present on an altar in the inner sanctum.

Everything in the temple vicinity is red in colour, right from the shops located in the premises of the temple to the merchandise sold by the shopkeepers. The temple also compromises of different shrines dedicated to each of the nine planets. This arrangement looks nothing less than a mini-universe,  in the background of the Mangalnath temple.

Timings And When To Visit

The temple is open from 5 AM to 8 PM every day. You can visit the temple on any day of the week but Tuesday is the most auspicious day. The coming Angara Chaturthi will be a good day to visit the temple. October to March will be the best season.

Shri Mangalnath temple Ujjain Madhya Pradesh
Shri Mangalnath temple, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh


A flight from Indira Gandhi National Airport (IGN), New Delhi to Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar Airport (IDR), Indore would cost around 3500 to 4000 rupees. IDR is the nearest airport to Ujjain at a distance of 57 km. You can hire a cab from Indore.

Hotels near Mangalnath Temple Ujjain

Hotel Kalpana Palace and Shri Rudrika Yatri Grah are some hotels near the temple. Other hotels like Hotel Nandi and Shree Gopal Heritage are cheap and good options too.

Other Attractions

Mahakal Temple, Bade Ganeshji Ka Mandir, Kal Bhairav Temple, ISKCON Temple, and Harsiddhi Temple are some other places you must visit when you are in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh.