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Prominent Stages in the History of Astrology and the Prominent Phases

The study of the positions and movements of celestial objects concerning their influence on human life and terrestrial events. That’s Astrology for you. The relative positions of planets and stars, including those of the Sun and the Moon, play a significant role in shaping an individual’s overall personality. These heavenly bodies also decide the native’s future and provide deep predictive insights into our psyche.

The Idea of Astrology

Throughout various stages of history, Astrology was considered a science in close relation to astronomy, alchemy and meteorology. However, at the culmination of the 19th century, the so-called scientific methods of astrology were challenged, stressing there is no scientific evidence to it.

Astronomy is a natural science since it deals with celestial objects and their origin and evolution. There is scientific evidence to support its readings. However, Astrology is clearly a pseudoscience, a series of beliefs and practices presented as being scientific while in reality, is not.

Astrological Chart
Astrological Chart

History of Astrology – In Brief

The history and importance of Astrology date back to the 2nd millennium BC, just before the birth of the Babylonian system of astrology. There have been cultures like the Hindus, the Mayans, the Chinese and others who attach prominent significance to Astrology. Most cultures including the Babylonians, have developed elaborate systems and unique astrological charts for predicting the future.

Babylonian Astrology is also an inspiration behind the development of Astrology in Greece, Rome, the Arab World and Western Europe. Western Astrology is one of the oldest astrological systems in the world drawing inspiration from the 17th century BC in Mesopotamia.

Vedic astrology
Vedic astrology

The Important Stages in the History of Astrology

It’s a well-known fact that we go and grow through several stages during our lifetime. However, it’s a little known fact that astrology is the phenomena behind this personal growth and development. The budding of your life begins its journey over a path leading to maturity, bigger achievements, mid-life crisis and, eventually, old-age.

These astrological cycles teach you to embrace growth and transformation over the years and the purpose behind them. Be aware of these cycles and understand your life stages better and gain more control over your future and retirement.

8 stages of life as per astrology
8 stages of life as per astrology

Different Stages in the History of Astrology

Stage 1: The Moon – 0 to Age 4

This is the stage of lack of knowledge and a period of innocence. The on and off of light is the onset of our initial views of life.

Some of the time the light is brilliant, and different times it diminishes. This is similar to moonlight during the Moon’s different stages. Today, youngsters are presented to a type of electronic brightening, extraordinary ever. The Moon is a reflection of the Sun and is a source of illusion.

Stage 2: Mercury – Ages 4 to 14

The planet governs the mind and the intellect and induces mischevious behaviour. It’s the period of vibrant school life where new friendships develop, puberty takes place, You will experience the beginning stage and aspects of socializing. It’s an important stage that can help us create some powerful and prominent images of ourselves to carry into the future.

Stage 3: Venus – Age 14 to 22

T/he stage of adolescence, it is where you often appear confused, and desperate to find yourself. You will experience emotional upheavals while transforming into adulthood. This is by far, the most important phase of your life. It can set you up for the future and face the world as it should. It exposes to the realities of life and helps develop an impression of how we view our relationships with others. It’s very important to develop a positive self-image during this period since it can have lasting effects.

Stage 4: The Sun – Ages 22 to 41

The Sun gives life and we have to do something worthwhile with its power. It’s time for action and to exert our power and influence to shine the outer world. A fully-grown individual, lacking experience and wisdom, is common at this stage. You will find individuals who nurture their environment and develop further and also those who perform with a lack of consciousness.

Different life stages as per astrology
Different life stages as per astrology

Stage 5: Mars – Ages 41 to 55

It’s the most active stage of life and it’s all about standing for what you believe in. The flip-side is, you can realise that the life we have is probably not the one we intended to have. It’s a common feeling during mid-life and you start wondering what more is there to life. Materialistic pleasures are common and several relationship conflicts can occur.

Stage 6: Jupiter – Ages 55 to 67

It’s time to have a look at your life objectively and hopefully without any regrets. Having the wisdom and the understanding of the way things are, begin to show up. Jupiter is a Guru or the teacher and, it teaches the meaning of life. Individuals develop mastery over various pursuits and attain realization. This phase shows the realisation of responsibility towards our younger generations. We have to develop the benevolence and attain a spiritual perspective in our lives.

Stage 7: Saturn – Age 67 to 80

Planet Saturn teaches us that the past is gone and it’s the present that matters. Realize the true reality of our existence and develop self-knowledge. Mature into a more complete and satisfied human being by appreciating the wisdom coming from all these years. It can also be the stage of bitterness and regret.

Stage 8: Uranus – Age 80 On

Uranus rules this stage of life and displays your pride in your age and independence. It’s that stage where an individual continues to live for himself/herself after the spouse dies. Moving to a new place or pursuing a regular habit becomes the norm. It’s the perfect stage of life to inspire the younger generation.