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Panchakshari Mantra – Reflecting Positivity

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Among devotional literature, Panchakshari mantra, is perhaps, the most extensively chanted mantra. It denotes the five holy letters in Sanskrit. Na, Ma, Si, Va, Ya is the divine sound of absolute peace and positivity. Panchakshari mantra is the music to devotees of Lord Shiva. A search into your soul. The sound of divinity. Thus, we connect the inner soul to the vast universe and its creator with Panchakshari. Further, we esteem the mantra as the supreme prayer to Shiva.

The shiva lingam -An image of creation
The Powerful Shiva Lingam

Panchakshari mantra sanctifies the fundamentals of nature.
According to Hinduism, the five elements of nature form the basis of our body. By chanting the mantra, we invoke the blessings of Lord Shiva. Thus, we chant as follows:

  • Na – Prithvi Tattva(Earth)
  • Ma – Jal Tattva(Water)
  • Si – Agni Tattva(Fire)
  • Va – Vayu Tattva(Air)
  • Ya – Akasha Tattva(Sky)

Our Path – Lord Shiva

We consider the Panchakshari mantra the pathway to Shiva. According to Hinduism, the sacred Na, Ma, Si, Va, Ya are representations of Lord Shiva. And, we move closer to our creator while chanting this divine stotra. Also, the five elements of nature are the core of our very existence. Therefore, Panchakshari is the mantra that connects us to the universe. In other words, the Supreme factor.

The picture of the supreme Lord Shiva
Lord Shiva – The supreme factor

Panchakshari mantra – A Peek into the author

We regard Adi Shankara as a great Hindu philosopher and theologian. Furthermore, we remember his works in the integration of Hinduism. He was not only the author of the Panchakshari mantra but also, a significant contributor to the doctrines of Hinduism. He traveled widely within India. In fact, we believe, he followed the life of a Sannyasin. What is more, he was the source of Advaita Vedanta school of Hinduism.

Adi Shankara – The author of Na Ma Shi Va Ya

The Energy of Panchakshari mantra

Panchakshari mantra is an intense representation of oneself. Even more, we consider these mystical chanting as submission to Shiva. Thus, accepting his supremity. Consequently, Panchakshari mantras begin with salutations. And, invokes the perfect Lord Shiva, while negating ego.

Panchakshari is a universal chant. The mantra begins with ‘AUM’. And literally means ‘ I bow to you’. It stimulates the inner self explicitly. Hence, we generate positive energy from within. We chant the mantra to strengthen the potential inner mind. We cleanse our soul. Thereupon, feel one with the elements of the universe.

chanting the Panchakshari for peace
Chanting the Panchakshari mantra

Om Namah Shivaya for Peace

‘Aum’ is the conscious, unconscious and subconscious state. Namaha is submission. Or, the acceptance that nothing belongs to you. Finally, Shivaya is absolute reality. The truth of all creations.

Chanting of Panchakshari is auspicious. Although there are countless stotras in praise of Shiva, Panchakshari mantra is most eminent. For it infuses an aura of tranquility. We may chant this sacred mantra every day. And, especially on Chaturdashi. People chant the mantra whilst offering Bel leaves and Datura flowers. In general, we favour it as the progress to positivity. And consider it a walk to success. We seek the blessings of Shiva. Therefore, offer these gifts to the Lord, and chant the mantra 108 times.

Mantras with benefits

Stotras and mantras are essential rituals of our Hindu philosophy. We deem the significance of these mantras. For instance, gowri panchakshari mantra, ganesh panchakshari mantra, and vishnu panchakshari mantra are other mantras of importance. We consider the Panchakshari mantra benefits as philosophical. In fact, they help us realize our true self. And, find our inner strength. We energize the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well being with Panchakshari chanting.

The mantra is about attaining perfection. It is the praise of Shiva. Thus, by chanting the sacred Panchakshari mantra, we unite with Shiva. To be an integral part of the creator. And, become that perfect creation. Free of evil thoughts and full of positive vibes. We grow a happy mind. In addition to goodwill. With this in mind, we proclaim our oneness with the supreme.

The Panchakshari mantra unites us to the supreme Lord Shiva - It is life's true meaning!
The glorious chant for Lord Shiva

The Glorious chant

There is no better day to begin the chant. Or, no particular time to chant. It surpasses caste, creed, and colour. Panchakshari mantra is the salvation to anyone desiring it. For it is the sincerity that counts. It is a glorious threshold to the world of spirituality. Therefore, a way to be one with God. Panchakshari mantra is the true essence of Vedas. Furthermore, it forms the basis of Shaivite belief. Since it is the crux of Rudra Suktam. We chant this compelling strota to gain glory. By and large, Panchakshari mantra is the matchless chant of life. And, its true meaning indeed!