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The Shani Beej Mantra And Its Importance

Shani Beej Mantra

Planet Shani or Saturn is one of the most mysterious planets. Shani is also the planet of justice. According to Vedic astrology, Shani will punish people for their bad karma in their past life, and reward people for their good karma. When a person faces the malefic effects of Shani, they will undergo a lot of struggles. An observation we bring is that without these struggles in life, it is not possible for human beings to evolve and see the intricacies of their own selves. Some people are unable to handle the pressures of life. They are shrouded in the belief that astrological remedies will reduce their burdens. While this may hold true for other planets, it is not true for Saturn. Saturn is dharma raja (although he does not cling to the title, he is beyond praise). Dharma = truth. Mantras and deeper cogitation helps humans (and other beings too) understand their predicaments and troubles better. This is the essence of what Shani Bhagawan wants for all beings. This can be also be achieved in a structured manner, wherever and whenever you have the time, through the medium of mantra. What is mantra after all? It is that which the mind cogitates upon. You may even locate the planet in the skies, (don’t worry about cloudy nights, you’ll know how to find Saturn in the skies!) and bow with reverence. Again, this dharmic planet requires beings to dedicate some time (in fact, our most precious resource, to inner spiritual pursuits). All other planets and stars keep beings bonded in the material world. This is also the play of Dharma Raja. The Shani Beej Mantra to appease him has been detailed below for further study.

Planet Shani and Its effects

The Shani Beej Mantra is dedicated to Shani devto him
A statue of Shani Dev

Planet Shani/Saturn is a heavenly body and one among the Navagrahas. Shani Dev is the God of Justice and rewards or punishes people based on their karma. According to Vedic astrology, Shani is a planet with malefic effects. According to popular belief, Shani also brings hindrances, obstacles and bad luck in one’s life. Shani is also a teacher and teaches maturity, humbleness and humility. When Shani is not in the right place/position in one’s horoscope, the native might go through a lot of struggles. The period when Saturn is in one’s horoscope can be very challenging and intense.

Shani Dosha

Shani dosha occurs in the natal chart when Shani is in the wrong position, or if it is weak in the horoscope. According to Vedic astrology, Shani dosha occurs when a person had a bad karma in his previous birth. When a person’s birth chart has Shani Dosha, he/she will undergo a lot of struggles.

Saade Sati

Sade Sati is a seven and a half long period of Shani. In Hindi, this means, seven and a half. There are many worldwide systems of planetary alignment that also preach this duration of duress. This is a fearful period as it is very malefic – Shani Maharaj brings truth, which burns much greater than any fire that man can conceive with his limited mind. Indeed, it purifies. According to astrology, a person going through this period will face a lot of challenges. Sade Sati has three phases. They are rising, peak and setting phases.

During the period of Saturn, if one is going through a rough phase, chanting the Shani Dev beej mantra will provide relief its detrimental effects.

The Power of Beej Mantra

According to Vedic astrology, Beej mantra is an instrument for broadening the mind using the power of sound vibrations. Mantra is a Sanskrit word made of the syllables “man” meaning mind, and “tra” meaning “transcend”. Hence, utilizing a mantra can help one transcend the mind. The fear of Shani Bhagawan prompts one to set aside the time to devote themselves to both spiritual pursuits and maintaining strong awareness throughout this period. A wonderful sadhana for seven and a half years! One may even continue their daily life as if nothing has happened, but with great awareness of how they react and to understand the curious and sometimes extremely difficult situations that life puts them in. Predicaments of life!

Beej is a Sanskrit word which means seed. The Beej mantras are also known as Seed Mantras. Life arises from the seed. There are more interpretations to this which are outside the scope of the current article. According to popular belief, chanting the Beej Mantras can give people life energy. It is called beej mantra because, when a seed is sown, it grows into a tree. So according to the Vedic thought process, the entire tree is contained in the seed. The seed always grows into what it is to grow into = a tree. It does not become an animal, or a bird (unlike humans, we have great expectations of becoming some one or some thing). We must chant beeja mantras with absolute faith = there is no scope for belief when one begins to chant mantras such as these. You need not fear, and you will stop as soon as you have been ordained to by the planets. Your own fears and belief systems will slowly reveal themselves to you, and now you need your logical mind to interpret, and learn from these shifts in experiences. This is life indeed, as it is human who aspires to be something more, and the beeja reminds that if one has faith, their purpose (goal, target, ideal personality, character or way of living that they want to blossom into) will be revealed. Now this is true for all beejas, not just Shani. Shani is for the spiritually minded aspirant. Not all can walk this dangerous path easily. What is a tough trek without a fall, hey?

In Vedic tradition, Beej Mantras were recited to create balance between human body and mind. When all the systems in one’s body are balanced, one can experience perfect harmony and health. But, when there is an imbalance in the body, it leads to mental, emotional and physical stress. Sound therapy is effective in healing the mind and body. Reciting several Beej Mantras together can rejuvenate the mind and also take the person one step closer to god.

The Mantra

When planet Shani is in the wrong position in your horoscope, you will face a lot of struggles in life. Wrongly positioned Saturn can also cause Shani Dosha or Saade Sati. In order to reduce the negative effects of Saturn, you can chant the beej mantra for Shani Dev. The Shani Beej Mantra lyrics is as follows:

“Om praam preem praum sah shanayishraya namah”

The meaning of the Shani Beej Mantra is “Salutations to Lord Shani. Please be in my favour and calm my senses.”

How to chant the Shani Beej Mantra

Wear jewellery made of sapphire while chanting shani beej mantra is very effective
Wearing jewellery made of blue sapphire is very beneficial

If one is going to start chanting the Shani Beej Mantra, they have begin on the day of Shukla Paksha (Waxing Moon). One has to take a bath and wear clean clothes. It is advisable to wear black clothes. They have to sit on a black cloth or a quilt. The best time to chant Shani Beej Mantra is in the evening, after sunset. They have to eat Satvik food (food that does not ignite the senses) on this day and should avoid non-vegetarian food (the impressions of animals may be too much of a burden to handle during a purge – it’s counter-intuitive). Fasting on Saturdays is also beneficial. They should avoid consuming alcohol and other bad influences. One should chant the Shani Beej Mantra 108 times on a black onyx japa mala. One can also wear jewellery with blue sapphire while chanting the mantra. Black til, mustard oil and Lajwanti (Mimosa) flowers can be given as offerings to the Lord. Donating alms to the poor and needy, especially black clothes will greatly appease Shani Dev. These are some of the basic practices one can follow to ensure the success of the Beej Mantra Sadhana.

The Effects of Shani Beej Mantra

The benefits of Shani Beej Mantra are innumerable. Some of them are:

  • Chanting Shani Beej Mantra can help reduce the malefic effects of Shani.
  • When one feels dejected or depressed, chanting the Shani Mantra can boost one’s morale.
  • Reciting the Shani Beej Mantra regularly can dissolve one’s problems related to health and wealth.
  • Chanting Shani Beej Mantra brings stability to one’s life.
  • Chanting this Mantra will reduce the effect of your bad karma in the previous life.