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Destiny vs Free Will – A Reaction to Your Action?

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You may wonder why some events occur in our lives. We often experience significant changes in our life that may or may not be avoided. What is the reason for such happenings? Can it be destiny vs free will? Certain events are either a continuance of a single thought or a chain reaction to something that’s not in your control. In fact, destiny vs free will is a topic of debate in many spiritual and intellectual forums. Are you responsible for your destiny? Furthermore, do you have free will to decide on your life journey? So many questions. Maybe if we realise the true meaning, the answer is quite simple!

We are often in a debate if destiny or free will rules our life
Destiny vs Free Will

According to ancient astrology, destiny is a result of karma. So what is karma? In simple terms, karma is the reaction to our actions. That is, karma is the balance sheet of our past life. You need to account for your good as well as evil deeds! Therefore, destiny vs free will is much debated among scholars. Karma is thought as the instigator of our actions. While our actions are an outcome of our karma. So, what is free will in your life?

A Mind’s Struggle is Destiny Vs Will

If Karma is the origin. Our fates may be pre – decided. However, free will is also a possibility. When a significant life event occurs, be it positive or negative, you have the power to deal with it as you like. For instance, you may be diagnosed with a chronic ailment. Further, you feel it is a sickness which you do not deserve. And, it is beyond your control. Isn’t it a question of destiny vs free will? Thus, you are a participant of a well laid plan that is not yours! So how do you deal with this fate? With your free will , naturally . You have the authority to choose how you deal with your destiny. Our entire life’s meaning can be understood by a mere recognition of our destiny vs free will.

Free will is an option to choose wheras destiny is a reflection of your karmas
Free will is an option

Karma is a mere choice

Do not confuse karma as something negative. Karma can be positive too. For instance, you plan to travel on a long journey. Unfortunately, you missed the transport and had to cancel your trip.The missed journey has upset you. Meanwhile the vehicle you were meant to travel in, had met with an accident and its passengers hurt. So could it be destiny or free will? Thus, it can said to be your free will had overcome your destiny. Or perhaps, your destiny is to be never on that vehicle! Therefore, your karma choose to keep you away from the trip. Now this is the conflict of destiny vs free will.

our karma is a resut of astions whereas our actions are an outcome of our karma
Karma is in your hands

According to the popular scientific law, every action has an equal or opposite reaction. Thus, karma can be similar to this theory. You pay for your virtuous as well as your evil deeds through karma or fate.

We are controlled by forces over our control and understanding
We are puppets of fate!

Holding the Reins to your Fate

Fate is an unknown factor in our life. Almost always, we are puppets in the hands of destiny or an energy that is beyond our understanding. Then what keeps you moving? In fact, you may be surprised to know it is ‘hope’ that actually keeps us going forward. Despite the numerous bends and falls that are a part of our life, we do not stop. We simply march forward because of this hope. And, hope is our free will. It is what you choose to be. Thus, we do have some control over our life. Destiny may be a suspense, whereas our response to this mysterious life’s journey is our free will.

Is Destiny vs Free Will a Karma Too?

According to Hindu belief, it is obvious that your karma is the result of your past. Thus, your present life reflects your past. Your success or failures are factors of karma. So it is not only your destiny or free will that affect your decisions but also your mind. Your mind is dictated by your qualities. Your qualities are a result of your birth chart. And your horoscope in turn, is the ‘give back’ from your past karma. Therefore, you are in a vicious circle !

Our mind is a reflection of our bith charts and is under struggle within its boundaries
The mind’s struggle

Every action has a consequence. It is the basis of all our Hindu customs. And, this is the reason we perform charities and sacrifices to overcome the ill effects of any past deeds. After all, you make your destiny with your free will!