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Brihaspati Mantras – Their Importance And Benefits

Brihaspati Mantras

Brihaspati refers to planet Jupiter in Vedic astrology. He is the teacher and instructor of all the gods. Additionally, Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system. It is also one of the most influential planets in the horoscope. Chanting a variety of Brihaspati mantras can help a person attain success and happiness.

Planet Jupiter

Brihaspati or planet Jupiter has a great significance in Vedic astrology. Brihaspati is also referred to as the Guru. It is also the largest planet in the solar system. When Planet Jupiter is in one’s horoscope, it makes to person wealthy, wise, spiritual, liberal and generous. According to Vedic astrology, it is the most auspicious planet. Additionally, Brihaspati is the symbol of worship and devotion.

Brihaspati is the ruling deity of planet Jupiter. Brihaspati is also known as Guru. He is the preceptor of the gods and demigods. His vahan is Airavat, a white elephant with four tusks. In the Navagrahas, Brihaspati wears pitambara or yellow garments.

Brihaspati mantras are dedicated to Lord Brihaspati
An image of Brihaspati Dev

Jupiter stays in each zodiac sign for one year. Hence, it takes 12 years to complete one zodiac cycle. Jupiter is the planet of wisdom and knowledge. Its characteristics are completely opposite Satun, Rahu and Ketu. It has a calm and helpful nature, which helps the native take the right decisions. Additionally, it makes the person optimistic and positive.

When Planet Jupiter is strong in a person’s birth chart, he/she will have the boon of wealth, success and children. However, if Jupiter is weak in one’s horoscope, the native will not be blessed with children and wealth.

Planet Jupiter is debilitated in one’s horoscope when it is in conjunction with Mars, Rahu and Saturn. As a result, when Planet Jupiter is in the wrong position in one’s horoscope, the native will also be struck with poverty. This phase is called Guru dosha.

This phase affects the career and education. Guru dosha also leads to diseases such as thyroid, hearing problems and throat problems such as tonsils. However, in order to reduce the negative effects of Planet Jupiter, one can chant the Brihaspati mantras and benefit from them

Brihaspati Beej Mantra

1 – “Om graam greem graum sah brihaspataye namah”

2 – “Om brim brihaspataye namah”

3 – “Om graam greem graum sah guruve namah”

The term beej mantra is derived from the Sanskrit term “beej”, which means seed. Additionally, the word Mantra comprises of two words “man”, which means mind, and “tra”, which means liberate. The word mantra together means “liberating the mind”. According to Vedic astrology, beej mantras are the most powerful mantras. These mantras are monosyllable sounds. Chanting beej mantras are also therapeutic.

The Brihaspati beej mantra comprises of sounds that represent the power of Jupiter. Regularly chanting the beej mantra will benefit the person. One has to chant the mantra 108 times in order to gain the maximum benefit. According to popular belief, chanting the Brihaspati beej mantra will also drive away all the negative vibes and give the person good vibes.

Brihaspati Dev Mantra

Devanam ca rishinam gurun
Trilokesham tam namami brihaspatim

Brihaspati mantras reduce the malefic effects of Planet jupiter
An image of Jupiter, the planet

Meaning of Brihaspati Dev Mantra

Salutations to Lord Brihaspati, the ruling deity of Jupiter. You are the instructor of all the gods and the rishis. Blessed with a golden complexion, you are also the epitome of wisdom and you control the three worlds.

Brihaspati Gayathri Mantra

Om suraachaarya vidmahe, surashreshtaya dhimahi, tanno guruh prachodayat

Meaning of Brihaspati Gayathri Mantra

I salute the preceptor of the gods. I also meditate upon the wisest of gods. Let the Guru brighten my intellect and also lead me towards to path of fulfillment.

Brihaspati Namaskara Mantra

“Om devanaam cha rishinaam cha gurum kanchana sannibham
Buddhibhootam trilokesham tham namaami brihaspatim”

Brihaspati Mantra in the Vedas

“Om brihaspate ati yadaryo arhaadyum dwi bhati kratu
Yad deed yach chhavsrit prajaat tadasmaasu dravinam dehi chitram”

Brihaspati Stotram and its meaning

1st Verse

Gurur Brihaspatir Jeeva Suracharyo Vidam Vara
Vageeso Dhishino Deerga Samasru Peethambaro Yuva

Meaning of the 1st Verse

O Teacher, You are the Lord of the beings, and also the teacher of the demigods.
You are the greatest among the gods, the lord of words and also the preceptor.
You are the one who has a long beard, the one who is always young, and the one who always wears yellow silk.

2nd Verse

Sudha Drushtir Grahadheeso Graha Peeda Apaharaka
Daya Kara Soumya Moorthi Surarchya Kudmala Dhyuthi

Meaning of the 2nd Verse

You are one with nectar-like eyes and the lord of all the planets. You are the one who also removes the evil effects of the other planets. The one who is merciful and soft-looking. You are the instructor of the devas and the one who looks like a bud.

3rd Verse

Loka Poojyo Loka Guru Neethigno Neethi Karaka
Tharapathi Schangeeraso Veda Vedya Pithamaha

Meaning of the 3rd Verse

You are the one who is revered by everyone, you are everyone’s teacher. You are the one who is just and you also ensure that justice prevails. The Lord of all the stars and the son of rishi Angirasa. The one who is also worshipped by the Vedas, the grandfather.

4th Verse

Bhakthya Brahaspathim Smruthwa Namanyethani Ya Padeth
Arogi Bhalavan Sriman Puthravan Sa Bhaven Nara

Meaning of the 4th Verse

When a person prays to Brihaspati with devotion and chants his names, he would be free of all diseases. He would also be strong, wealthy and receive the boon of children.

5th Verse

Jeevedvarsha Satham Marthya Papam Nasyathi Nasyathi
Ya Poojayeth Guru Dhine Peetha Gandha  Akshathambarai

Meaning of the 5th Verse

If a person worships you on Thursdays with sandal, rice and silk, he would live a hundred years and would be absolved of all his sins.

6th Verse

Pushpa Dheepo Upa Haraischa Poojayithwa Brihaspathim
Brahmanan Bhojayithwa Cha Peeda Shanthir Bhaved Guro

Meaning of the 6th Verse

The guru would also remove all the problems and bless one with peace, when they worship him light and flowers, and serve food to the Brahmins.

How to chant the Guru mantras and shlokas

Chanting the Brihaspati mantras with tulsi japa mala is very beneficial
Chanting the Brihaspati mantras with tulsi japa mala is very beneficial

Brihaspati is Guru of the gods and demigods. In order to get blessings from Brihaspati, one can worship him with sandalwood paste, kesar and yellow flowers. Chanting the Brihaspati mantras 108 times is also very beneficial. Also, chanting the Brihaspati mantras 19,000 times will enhance the benefits. Additionally, you can use a japa mala made of tulsi, sandalwood or rudraksha beads while chanting the mantras. Having a picture of Brihaspati in front of you while chanting and decorating it with yellow flowers will also add to its benefits. Yellow is said to Lord Brihaspati’s favourite colour. Hence, wearing yellow garments while chanting the mantras will be favourable. One can donate yellow clothes to the poor on Thurdays to appease Brihaspati. On Thursdays, donating chana dal, jaggery, gold, laddus, yellow sapphire, books and cow to needy is also beneficial. People also donate saffron, turmeric and sugar on Thursdays.

Thursday or Guruvaar is the most auspicious day for Brihaspati. Every Thursday, you can a bath early in the morning and visit the nearby temple to circumnavigate the Navagrahas. You can soak chana dal in water and make a garland out of it. Offering this garland to the Brihaspati idol is will bring you good luck and prosperity. Lighting earthen lamps in front of the Brihaspati idol will also fulfill all your prayers. Also, chanting the Brihaspati Mantras while fasting on Thursday will appease Lord Brihaspati.

Brihaspati Mantra Benefits

Brihaspati bestows wisdom as he is the preceptor of the gods. Offering prayers to him can help students excel academically. It also elevates one’s career. Additionally, chanting Brihaspati mantras can alleviate a person’s fear and instill positive vibes and optimism in them. By chanting the Brihaspati slokas and mantras, one can achieve great clarity in life. Regularly chanting these mantras will give the person peace and prosperity. The devotee can become extremely successful and delays of all sorts will be avoided. Chanting the Brihaspati mantras regularly will give the devotees the boon of marriage and children. One will also be blessed with high intellect.

The positive effects of Brihaspati are enhances and its malefic effects are reduced by reciting these mantras. Reciting the Brihaspati mantra 19,000 times with give you a peace of mind and ward of all the evil from your life. It makes you healthy, wealthy and prosperous. Just chanting the mantras will not fetch any benefits. It is also important to understand the meaning of these mantras and slokas, and chant them with faith and devotion.