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Astrology and Finances – A Sure Way To Success

Akshaya Tritiya

You may wonder how astrology and finances can be related. Your birth chart clearly states your success and failure. In fact, our life events greatly depend on the planets’ position. You gain insights into your financial position through astrology. Likewise, bright career and finance are two aspects that are valuable to your life. Your progress in work is based on astrological conditions. As a matter of fact, astrology and finances go hand in hand.

Planets and finances
The placement of planets in their right positions influence your income and career

Now you know the importance of planets in our progress. Let us check the effects of their good and bad influence on our astrology for finances. Take a closer look into the planets that decide our fate. And finally, the ways to manage their effect.

Planets in your Astrology and Finances

Our success is the element of the celestial bodies in their houses. Their places in the chart give you the results which you want in life. Both professional and financial. Thus astrology and finances need to be understood.

Venus in the Second House
Venus is responsible for your career and finance.

Finance, in other words, money or wealth, is a vital influencer of our lives. The second house is the home for finance. Although Venus is the planet that signifies our financial level, Jupiter may affect your finances too. Both, positive or negative, the planet present in the second house of our chart is the key to the overall wealth we possess. We live in a time where money plays a central role in our routine. Hence, astrology and finances can be a result of these planets. Anticipating the outcomes of such planets is the path to success.

A Closer Look at the Transit Planets

Venus is the planet of love in broad terms. However, it signifies what we love and want. Thus, Venus is also the planet for money. When it comes to astrology and finances, we should watch the movement of the planets as well. Jupiter is known as the planet of expansion. So Jupiter transiting through Venus refers to the fact that you tend to spend or invest more. You feel over-confident with money. Thus, this position of these planets makes you spend more than your requirement. You feel rich. Then, why not take a loan? The positive money status gets you to cross budgets. An interesting fact: You may request a salary raise when Jupiter transits the money house. And could get one too! So, you know the link between astrology and finances in this aspect.

Planetary Positions and Astrology
The Placements of Planets are directly responsible for your financial status

What happens when Saturn runs through your finance house? Quite interesting. It will cause a financial burden. And, you will have to be firm and restricted in your expenses. Additionally, you have to be greatly responsible for money in this period. Now, this is one of the effects of astrology in finances.

More interesting facts about planets

Do you know what Uranus does to your chart? It is either great or truly the worst! You may earn a lot of money or absolutely nothing. A concern for anyone. However, you need to be happy that any change it causes is welcome. Either in a good way or otherwise. As it lets you learn the value of life.

Well, how does Neptune affect your finances? You become a planner with big dreams. And you aim high. Your plans exceed the money you have. Therefore, astrology and finances lead you to even renovate your residence. Moreover, when you redo your home, you may go overboard.

Goddess Lakshmi Showers Wealth
Goddess Lakshmi blesses those with good planet positions

Finally the underplayed Pluto. It is a strong influence on our astrology and finances. You should know its transit in the money house. It may give you the idea of money at your reach. Contrary to your belief, it could take away all that you have. More so, when you have negative karma from your past.

Astrology Finances and You

Astrology is probably one of the most engaging topics that we would need to have an in-depth understanding of, to know its potential. By learning, we can deal with these planets effectively. It is easy the moment we realise their natures. Opportunities can be built to suit our goals with the knowledge of astrology and finances. It is possible to overcome the ill charts with planning and astrology. The predictions of our natal chart can guide us through some difficult times. And of course, uplift us further in good times.