Match Your Kundali

A guide to live a positive life

Let us go back to the definition of What Jothishi is, and it is a way to see the unseen knowledge on our inner self. It is a way, where the Jyoti lights inside you and you finally understand that your karma is your own. It cannot be influenced by the whims of the cosmos. The only facets of individuals that are influenced through the cosmos are his personality and his proclivities. As for the rest, it is all based on how you choose to live your life. Your karma sets you on a particular pathway and understanding the intricacies of this pathway is what determines your destiny. 

It should not be an addiction

When destiny comes into the picture, the burden of knowledge comes through as well. Vedic astrology only is here to give you a guide on how to perceive and live your own life. It only tells you the answer to “HOW best to pursue your actions”, it does not dictate your actions. However, when the addiction of prediction sets in, things can get complicated. 

Imagine yourselves going through the horoscope, and conducting yourself every day in the way that is written there. Now, this would be mistakenly perceived as a discipline in certain circles. However, it completely counters what Karma is. Bhakti Karma is your dedication towards a task. The task should not always be what you read on the horoscopes; it should be your own. When you are letting the astrological writings influence your karma, you are not acting on your own. And this can eventually lead you to fail the destiny that you would have fulfilled. 

It is our firm belief that in this age of enlightenment, the spiritual guidance of Jyotish should be considered as a way to free the minds and souls of the people, not cage them in a narrow way of living. The best you should do is to engage with the analytical details of your life once or twice a year.

Addiction is bad, and as soon as something as pure as Vedic astrology becomes an addiction, this might start the alienation of several important entities from your life. Therefore, always remember not to let astrology be an addiction, for it can sap its positivity.  

It should not be absolute

Just imagine your lives without any problem, would you even be able to recognise one if you had it? Would you be able to feel any accomplishment if there were no adverse circumstances? Astrology is many times seen as a font of solutions through which a problem can be utterly removed from the equation.

Several Pujas can help with appeasing the cosmos, and there are several gemstones that can control the flow of energy around and inside you. However, the knowledge that exists in this world has to be used subtly. Without subtle solutions, you might find yourself cruising through life without a single care in this world. This attitude, in turn, makes you complacent, and this is when your karma becomes affected. Remember that in this case, it is your complacency that impacted your karma, the cosmos has nothing to do with it.

Regardless, this is when the day of unsuccessful attitude can begin. Therefore, we suggest that instead of looking for absolute answers in Astrology, you must look at your karma. Therefore, we accentuate so much upon the four pathways of spiritual liberations: Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga and Raja Yoga. All of them are various facets of your karma, and all they need from you is 10-155 minutes of your daily life. Those 15 minutes are extremely precious as they finally attune your spiritual being to the cosmos and show you the way of self-betterment.  

Therefore, remember that it is your karma that is going to make the final decision for your destiny; the rest is just the environmental cues that you can choose to follow.

It should just be a guide to live a positive life

And this brings us to the final point of Jothishi’s philosophy. At the end of the day, what we seek is positivity, and what we believe is in peace. Through the way of your karma, you can attain it all. Jothishi looks at the balance sheet of the karma of your this and your past lives. Based on that, it predicts where your life is going to go. However, it does not necessarily need to tell you about the future outright. 

What matters the most in Jothishi is your karma as it is presented at this very moment. Your acts now influence what comes after. Positivity in what comes after is all the Jothishi seeks to give, and it should be all that you should aspire to. 

The four karma that forms the foundation of your spiritual liberations can only be attained through positivity. Your spiritual awakening, your life’s betterment, your life’s journey and your realisation of your destiny, depends a lot upon the positive actions you take in your life. Jothishi seeks to push these actions into a positive direction through proper guidance.