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Vaisakha Month – A Perfect Time for Virtuous Deeds

Mahavishnu Vishwaroopam. Vidya gopala mantra is dedicated to Vishnu's avatar, Krishna

The Vaisakha month is considered the best time for charities and donations. In fact, Vaishakha Purnima is thought of as the most auspicious month of the Hindu calendar. Hindus devote this month to Lord Vishnu. Hindu scriptures emphasize the importance of prayers to Lord Vishnu during Vaisakha month. We can understand the significance of this month better and follow its traditions once we know the Hindu beliefs associated with Vaisakha month.

A dip in the holy rivers
A holy Dip can free your Sins

According to the Hindu calendar, the Vaisakha month falls between mid -April and first half of May. Hindus follow the lunar or the solar months. The Lunar month begins with Chaitra and the solar month with Vaisakhi Sankranti. Moreover, Vaisakha month is the beginning of the official new year in many parts of India.

Special Poojas in Vaisakha Month

Vaisakha month is special for its poojas and charities. You worship Lord Vishnu during this month. It is believed that Lord Vishnu incarnated as a turtle on this day. This turtle form was one of his twenty-four incarnations. Thus, we pray to the Lord in his turtle appearance during the Vaisakha month. When you worship Lord Vishnu in this month you are rid of your sins. Furthermore, you expect to gain rewards and success in your life.

The pooja customs in the Vaisakha month are fascinating. According to the Hindu Panchanga, people perform charities, fasts and homas. Lord Brahma created the Shreyat and Krishna tilo in this auspicious month. Therefore, we bathe in water containing til as a custom. Furthermore, people follow the tradition of donations and offer water in golden or bronze utensils along with fragrant items. For instance, it is good to give til, oil and karpoor as donations in the Vaisakha month.

Vaisakha Month and Buddha Purnima – An Interesting Fact

There is an interesting fact about Vaisakha month you should know. Actually, Vaishakha Purnima is celebrated as Buddha Purnima among Buddhists worldwide. According to Buddhism, Gautama was born in Lumbini, enlightened at Bodhgaya and attained nirvana in Kushinagar on this day. Hence Vaisahkha Purnima is called Trividh Pawan day. A day that is special for all Buddhists.

Buddha Purnima is a significant day for Buddhists
The three incidents of Buddha’s Life

How Important is Vaisakha Month?

Vaisakha month is the most significant month among the eleven months of the Hindu year. It is the second month in the Hindu calendar and Vaisakha is very dear to Lord Vishnu. Therefore, devotees seek his attention this month. and one of the important rituals in Vaishaka month is bathing in holy rivers before sunrise. Devotees do this holy dip hoping to be free of their sins. Further, we perform homas and fasts in this month. Vaisakha month is particularly a special month for donating water to thirsty people. Giving thirsty people water has more value than charities and pilgrimages. Water donation, known as Rajsun Yagya, is a superior form of good deed.

Vaisakha month the best time for donations
Food and water donations

A Dedication to Lord Vishnu

Visakha month is a time for virtuous deeds. And we appease Vishnu by offering dhans to the needy. For instance, it is the best time to offer water to thirsty people as it falls in summer. You may donate umbrellas, footwear and provide free accommodations to Yatris or travellers. Planting trees for shade is yet another good deed during this month. People donate clothes during Vaishaka month to be free of difficulties associated with birth and death. ‘Aana Dhana’ or food donations to gain ‘Punya’ take place. It is a belief that giving away mats to the poor equals offering mat to Lord Vishnu to rest on. People anticipate such offerings to reach Lord Vishnu and can have immense positivity in our lives.

A glorious image of Lord Vishnu worshipped in vaisakhia month
The Splendour of Lord Vishnu

However, you should avoid certain deeds during the Vaisakha month. For instance, applying oil on the body, sleeping in the day, using glass utensils and sleeping on water beds. have to be avoided this month. We may fast as much as possible in Vaisakha month. As fasting is the greatest form of Tapasya ( good deed) and giving water the best Yuga(charity).

The Essence of Vaisakha

Hinduism is about dhans (donations) and punyas (good deeds). And we have upheld its true essence over generations. Our deeds are the basis of our present lives. And your astrological charts are directly a result of your deeds. Thus, it is important to understand this auspicious Vaishaka month and follow its practices. While understanding the traditions of Vaisakha month, you can easily perform its simple customs as well. Doing good deeds that are stated in our scriptures and worshipping Lord Vishnu are the most valuable rituals in this month. Nevertheless, Hindu scriptures advise us to tread the righteous path alone to reach our goals in life. Vaisakha month is not only for charities but also a self – realisation. We develop a sense of spirituality and accept the significance of our traditions. After all, Vaisakha is the perfect time for all good deeds!