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Planetary Influences on the Economy of a Nation

Planet Jupiter

It’s a known fact that astrological aspects have a strong impact on individuals and their reaction to different situations in life. However, astrological aspects also have a powerful impact on the economy of a nation and the degree of trade affairs.

Specific sectors of a nation perform under the influence of the planets, their positions and houses. If you look deeper, Jupiter rules the banking, financial and business sectors while Saturn influences the workforce, natural resources, farming and mining industry.

Export Trade and the Influence of Planets

The movements and positions of planets signify a prominent influence on export affairs among several nations of the world. Trade horoscopes and astrological transits, declinations, the inclusion of asteroids and hypothetical planets. These aspects focus exclusively on trade affairs. They are not used in traditional astrology while predicting human affairs.

Planet Jupiter
Planet Jupiter

Jupiter – The influence on the financial system

Jupiter is the ruler of the world’s financial system covering capitalism, wealth, economic growth, profits and prosperity, all from a country’s point of view. It influences the creation of high prices and precisely for this reason, export trade involves huge sums of money. The export or import interests of any nation concentrate exclusively on luxury goods and those goods not available in a particular nation. In other words, Jupiter focuses on selling products and services at the highest price possible.

Saturn – The influence on the working system

Saturn rules the workers across the globe and influences price sensitivity. It rules the economic attitude of the world and urges the purchase of things at the cheapest prices possible. This is why whenever nations withdraw import demands, prices of products and services fall. In other words, the influence of Saturn to withdraw demands results in Jupiter influencing price drops.

Planet Saturn
Planet Saturn

The world often suffers from recession with global companies suffering losses, increase in poverty, unemployment and scarcity of resources. This is the result of the ill-effects of Saturn.

Effects on Export Trade Under the Influence of Other Planets and Houses

Every economy should perform under the governance of an authorized body or the Government. The Sun and House 10 rule the degree of governing authority on a nation’s trade affairs. As per our knowledge, Jupiter and Saturn rule the business sector chiefly responsible for export/import activities. It is the HOuse 10 that gives business special privileges to perform trade activities under strict vigilance.

While it comes to international trade, multinational companies rely on the value of their stocks and investor relations. These factors are critical drivers of international trade for any company or country. Hence, speaking strictly in business terms, Neptune decides the power of shares and stocks of a given company. Investment decisions depend on the position and movements of Neptune.

The Connection Between the Market, Money Supply and Trade

Ever heard of the market and its conditions and money playing in influential role in international trade? AS per Astrology, the influence of House 5 on the market decides its conditions and predicts whether its a lucrative one for trade. In combination to House 5, House 2 rules money supply and the volume of assets that can play an important role in trade relations,

If House 8 is ill-placed in the astrological chart, it can increase the amount of debt that has a direct influence on international trade and foreign investments. The movements of Neptune also influences the degree of inflation.

Trade Astrology
Trade Astrology

As we already know the influence of Jupiter on the financial system, the planet also plays an influential role in economic expansion. Wealth and drivers of growth are ruled by the house where Jupiter resides.

Knowing the ill-effects of Saturn, the planet causes economic slumps, unemployment, diseases and other unpleasant situations when placed in the wrong house. House 12 comes to the rescue and gives relief to such problems caused by Saturn.

Energy and Its Importance in Global Economy

Oil and natural gas and other sources of natural energy play a decisive role in shaping the economy of a nation. The position of the Sun is extremely important in this case. The Sun is a potent source of energy and hence, the utilization of solar energy becomes very important.

Neptune takes care of oil and gas and its favourable placement creates lucrative trading opportunities. It’s very important  because oil is the world’s widely-traded commodity.

Since Mercury is known to be the fastest moving planet, it rules wind power. Moon is all about water and influences the production of hydropower.

Incorporation Charts and First-Trade Charts

Predicting the quality of export trade is different from predicting future human affairs. While predicting the share prices of a company, astrologers often study incorporation charts. It depends on the incorporation date of a given company. However, first-trade chart featuring the dates gives accurate results to calculate price movements.

Trading Astrology
Trading Astrology

Incorporation charts predict the performance of the company and first-trade charts influence investors’ expectations.

This means, in spite of good transits in incorporation, bad transits in first-trade of a company will result in not meeting investors’ expectations. Hence, the share prices will fall.

Where as, in case of bad transits in incorporation, the good tranists in first-trade will win the trust of investors. This will result in higher share prices.