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Palmistry And Astrology: Connection, Differences, And More!

Astrology is the Basis of Palmistry

If you really want to feel the impact of astrology in India, look close. You can find evidence of it on Indian pavements, inside the temple, on the wall posters, under a Banyan tree, and in textbooks. The form of astrology which is most popular with masses is palmistry. If I have to tell you about my experience, palmistry was the first astrological tool that introduced me to the planets and stars in the universe. Palmistry and astrology go hand in hand, none of them can survive without the other.


Lines Depicting Different Elements of Palmistry
Lines Depicting Different Aspects of Human Life In Palmistry

According to Palmology, planets have a restless energy, which scatters in all directions of the universe throughout the day. Hence, humans also absorb a lot of energy when exposed to the sky. This energy can be good or bad. If good, it will result in positive circumstances, if bad it will lead to negative ones. A part of this energy keeps on flowing out of our body. When it is flowing out, it leaves certain marks on our body, especially on palms, head, and feet in the form of lines. The study of lines on the palm is called Palmistry. These lines give you an idea of your personality, attitude, and future. 

Differences Between Palmistry and Astrology

Palmistry and astrology are the systems that you use to predict your character, life and future events in your life. Though they have similar work, the tool they are using in the process is different. 

  • Palmistry is an art of reading the lines inside the palm. These lines are the tool which a palmist uses for his predictions. The flow of the lines and where they are intersecting gives him an idea about the person sitting in front of him. His personality, good and bad phases, and his future. A person must have completed training to achieve efficiency in it. Whereas, astrology uses information like birth date and time to create a birth chart or horoscope. This chart will give complete details of your life. 
Palmistry Believes That Energy of Planets influence the lines
  • Palmistry believes that planets release energy. Thus, humans absorb it and it leaves certain marks when escaping our body. Palmistry is the study of palm lines.  While astrology believes in the concept of the planet revolution. When they revolve around the sun(considered as a planet in astrology), they are at different distances from the earth. Their distance from earth decides their influence on the birth chart of a person. This determines the past, present, and future of all human beings living on earth.
  • Palmistry depends on personal interpretations. Though there are some basic principles that all palmists must stick. Two palm readers may see a line from different angles.  On the contrary, astrology is a completely scientific way of making a prediction. No one can claim that these predictions are going to be 100 per cent true but chances are that astrology will be more accurate than palmistry. The reason being astrological results are obtained after a lot of calculations. 

What More?

  • Palmistry needs you to be in front of the palmist in person. He needs to feel the flow of energy from your body to infer your actions, your mind, and intentions. While astrology only needs the correct date and time of birth. A person sitting in Cambodia can discuss his planets with an astrologer based in India.
  • Any individual can try reading the palm. They just need to understand some outlined principle and elements of palmistry. While astrology is a vast subject and has lots of permutations and combinations. It is complicated and full of calculations, hence a thorough and deep study can only make you capable enough to read a horoscope. 

Connection Between Both 

Palmistry is entwined with Astrology
Palmistry is entwined with Astrology
  • Palmistry has an advantage that it can be practised by any individual. You will only need to understand the basic principles of palmistry and then you are ready to go. But the disadvantage is that the accuracy of your predictions cannot be guaranteed. Hence, you will have to depend on astrology to further verify your results.
  • Astrology and Palmistry both give emphasis on five elements of the universe. In palmistry, the measurement of fingers and the shape of the palms determines what element is predominant in your life among air, water, earth, fire, and sun. For example, a square palm with short fingers signifies Earth’s hand, and with long fingers stands for the Air hand. The astrological signs are used to categorize these elements. For example, astrological signs belonging to the earth element are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. The characteristics of these signs describe the traits of a person with the earth elements. 
Elements of Nature in Palmistry
5 Elements of Nature in Palmistry

Palmistry And Astrology Which Is More Accurate?

When it comes to accuracy, astrology is more accurate according to astrologers and palmists like Lubomir Tchervenkov, the eminent Russian astrologer who excels in astrology, numerology, and palmistry.