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Marriage Predictor of Robert Goulet

Jothishi marriage predictor  predicts the marriage of a person with around 80 percent accuracy provided the input is accurate ( date, time and place of birth – also the marriage year). One can check this predictor for any person who is already married ( like parents, cousins, relatives etc) to figure out the accuracy of the model. Around 300 rule sets are used as an input to develop this model.

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About Robert Goulet

Robert Gérard Goulet (November 26, 1933 – October 30, 2007) was an American singer and actor of French-Canadian ancestry. Goulet was born and raised in Lawrence, Massachusetts.Goulet was born in Lawrence, Massachusetts, on Haverhill Street, where he also lived. He was the only son of Jeanette (née Gauthier) and Joseph Georges André Goulet. Both of his parents worked in the mills, but his father was also an amateur singer and wrestler., he attended the voice schools founded by Herbert G. Turner and Jean Létourneau, and later became a radio announcer for radio station CKUA. Upon graduating from Victoria Composite high school (now Victoria School of the Arts), Goulet received a scholarship to The Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, where he studied voice with oratorio baritones George Lambert and Ernesto Vinci.Goulet’s first U.S. bookings were in summer stock theatre with the Kenley Players. He appeared in eight productions, including Pajama Game (1959), Bells Are Ringing (1959), Dream Girl (1959), South Pacific (1960), Meet Me in St. Louis (1960) and Carousel (1960).In 1963, he won a Grammy Award for Best New Artist for his debut album, Robert Goulet – Wonderful World of Love.In 1963, he won a Grammy Award for Best New Artist for his debut album, Robert Goulet – Wonderful World of Love.

Robert Goulet love story

This is a story of love and heartbreak. Goulet and Carol met in the early 1960s and fell madly in love. They were together for a few years before Goulet left Carol for another woman. Carol was devastated and never forgave Goulet for breaking her heart. They remained estranged for decades, but in the early 2000s, they reconnected and rekindled their love for each other. They both passed away within a year of each other, and their love story is one that will be remembered forever.

Robert Goulet marriage

He married on 12th Nov 1963.

Robert Goulet childrens

They had 2 children, Christopher (58) and Michael (56).

17 years later they divorced in 1981.Our report also suggests the same.