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Marriage Predictor of Ramesh Sippy

Jothishi marriage predictor  predicts the marriage of a person with around 80 percent accuracy provided the input is accurate ( date, time and place of birth – also the marriage year). One can check this predictor for any person who is already married ( like parents, cousins, relatives etc) to figure out the accuracy of the model. Around 300 rule sets are used as an input to develop this model.

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About Ramesh Sippy

Ramesh Sippy (born 23 January 1947) is an Indian film director and producer, best known for directing the popular and critically acclaimed film Sholay. He is a winner of the civilian honour of Padma Shri in 2013.In the year 2017, he founded Ramesh Sippy Academy of Cinema & Entertainment in Mumbai.Sippy’s father was producer G. P. Sippy.Ramesh Sippy visited the sets of the film Sazaa, his father’s first film, when he was 6 years old. His first film job came at age nine, when he played Achala Sachdev’s son in the 1953 film Shahenshah. He worked in both the production and direction departments in films like Johar-Mehmood in Goa and Mere Sanam, which his father was producing. He worked for 7 years as an assistant before becoming the director of Andaz, in 1971.

Ramesh Sippy love story

Well-known TV actress Kiran Juneja, who is more known as Ganga of Doordarshan’s famous serial ‘Mahabharata’. When Kiran reached Mumbai with the dream of becoming an actress in her eyes, she met Ramesh Sippy during the audition of a serial. Ramesh was auditioning for a serial, when the beautiful ray of Gori Chitti Bala came in front of him, Ramesh lost his heart on seeing him.After the audition, something similar happened with Kiran Juneja. The attraction that started in the eyes for each other gradually turned into friendship. Neither Kiran nor Ramesh realized when friendship turned into love. The difficulty was that Ramesh was already married and had children. Not only this, he was also about 23 years older than Kiran. But it is said that there is no age limit, no bondage of births.. Jab pyar kare koi dekhe keval mana’, similar was the condition of Ramesh Sippy, he could not handle himself even after wishing and dated for about 4-5 years with Kiran. Keep doing.When Ramesh Sippy started feeling that he could not live without Kiran, he divorced his first wife and married Kiran.

Ramesh Sippy marriage

They fell in love and got married in 1981.

Ramesh Sippy childrens

They have two sons, Amit and Sumit.