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Clues To A Healthier You: Links Between Health And Astrology

Our sages have left us much information on the correlation between health and Vedic astrology. Your birth chart gives you information on potential health issues. The transits and dashas (or time periods) of the planets can tell you when certain problem areas have a likelihood of being triggered. So take guidance from the links between health and astrology. This will help you understand even more details on astrology and health care and how you should adjust your health and fitness regimen.

Look to the stars to learn about your health and astrology.
The stars tell us so much about ourselves and our health.

Vedic Astrology: Your Horoscope And Your Health

Health And Astrology: House Significations Of All Twelve Houses

The twelve houses of a horoscope are directly related to twelve areas of the body. The first house or Lagna corresponds to both general health and the head. The second house indicates the face, nose, mouth and neck areas. The third house signifies breathing, the arms, shoulders and hands while the fourth house indicates the diaphragm, heart, chest and lungs. The fifth house is studied for the upper abdomen, gall bladder, spleen and the stomach. The sixth indicates diseases in general as well as the small intestines. The seventh house gives us clues about the pelvic area, rectum and internal organs in the pelvis. The eighth house indicates both longevity and external genitals. The ninth house of the horoscope indicates the femoral arteries, thighs and hip and the tenth house indicates the knees. An astrologer studies the eleventh house for the lower limbs and buttocks and the twelfth for feet.

Health and astrology information from the houses in a chart.
The houses tell you about areas of concern.

Planet Significations For Health

The planets in turn also have their significations with regard to health and astrology. The Sun indicating the general vitality, heart, bones and spine. The Moon signifies the mind and its strengths and weaknesses. It is a very clear indicator of either the strength of the mind and its tendency toward psychological problems. The Moon also governs the areas of stomach, blood, body fluids, and breasts. Mars is the indicator of the circulatory system and muscles.

Mercury can tell us of problems with the skin, speech, intellect and nervous system. Jupiter governs the fat in the body, the gall bladder and liver. Venus shows us the health indications for the kidneys, hormones, female organs and the urogenital system. Mars and Ketu give you sudden, short and painful health problems while Saturn and Rahu trouble you with chronic and slow health problems. In addition to this the karakas or significators in health and astrology for the sixth house are Saturn and Mars and for the eighth house is Saturn.

The malefics have further significations that link health issues and astrology. Mars governs fevers, infections, accidents, injury and surgery. Saturn indicates chronic conditions, depression, exhaustion and general debility. Rahu indicates poisons, unusual diseases, cancer, and loss of consciousness. Ketu gives you karmic diseases, mysterious illnesses that are hard to diagnose and find the cause for as well as viruses and parasites.

The placement of planets give us more details about health and astrology
Planet placements give even more detail about health issues

Vedic Astrology: Houses To Study For Health And Astrology

The houses to be studied for health in astrology are the first, sixth and the eighth houses of the chart. The twelfth house is studied as an indicator of hospitalisation.

The First House

The first house or Lagna represents the person’s body as a whole and the strength or weaknesses of the ascendant indicate how strong one’s ability to stay healthy is. One would have to study the strength of the ascendant by studying where the ascendant lord is placed, if benefics or malefics or are in the ascendant and then the aspects of either benefics or malefics upon the ascendant. 

The Sixth House

The sixth house is the house of diseases and is studied to indicate and locate the area and type of ill health. The planet that rules the sixth house and its placement indicates the part of the body that is likely to be affected by diseases. The planets if any placed in the sixth house indicates the organ that could be affected by ill health. 

Eighth House

Balance your body by preventing potential health issues using health and astrology
Manage your health with traditional Vedic science

The eighth house is the house of longevity. One would have to study the strength of the eighth house in the same manner as the strength of the ascendant. A strong eighth house would indicate a good ability to face and overcome diseases and achieve longevity. A planet like Saturn in the eighth house, however, would actually be an indicator of longevity as Saturn signifies endurance. 

So, combining the house significations, planetary significations and the placements in your individual chart gives you a health astrology chart. This is a good guide to monitoring your health and reducing the potential for illness by using astrology nutrition and health. Remember that the results depend on the dasha (time period) that you are running and that astrology is a guiding tool. You still have to go to a medical professional for diagnosis and treatment.