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Katrina Kaif Kundli and Vicky Kaushal Kundli: What It Reveals About Their Marriage, Children, and Life

Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif kundli matching
Katrina and Vicky are among the most popular Bollywood couples

Katrina and Vicky’s love is for the ages. At first glance, it may seem like the pair are poles apart when it comes to their personalities and lifestyles. When you take a deeper look into their story and how everything transpired, you realise how they were meant to be from the very beginning. The stars aligned perfectly to get this pair together. It is no wonder that everyone wants to know what is so special about Vicky and Katrina Kaif kundli.

Vicky and Katrina’s cute love story

Katrina noticed Vicky in the trailer of Manmarziyan in 2018 when she could not get enough of his acting. During an episode of Koffee with Karan, she said she would look great with Vicky on screen. A few episodes later, Karan mentioned this to Vicky who fake-fainted. They appeared together in the second season of Film Companion’s TapeCast. When she met Vicky at Zoya Akhtar’s party, it did not take her long to know what a genuine, kind, and amazing person he was.

Katrina and Vicky Kaushal kundli
Katrina and Vicky feel their love was destined to be

Despite being spotted together on several occasions; they did not publicly acknowledge their relationship status. During the pandemic, Vicky was spotted visiting Katrina. They made their first public appearance at a friend’s Diwali party. In 2021, Harshvardhan Kapoor confirmed that the pair was dating in an interview. They even had a private roka ceremony at Kabir Khan’s home which only their family members attended. The pair say it was destiny for them to meet and fall in love.

Vicky and Katrina’s dreamy wedding

Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif kundli matching
Vicky and Katrina had a blast at their wedding which was filled with love and laughter

The Vicky Kaushal Katrina Kaif marriage was an intimate affair with only the pair’s families and super-close friends in attendance. They tied the knot in Six Senses Barwara Fort, Rajasthan. Vicky Kaushal Katrina Kaif marriage date is December 9, 2021. Fans were stunned to see Vicky Kaushal Katrina Kaif marriage photos as the pair looked spectacular in their wedding outfits and defined perfection in every frame.

Kundli matching of Katrina and Vicky

Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif kundli
Katrina and Vicky are among the most beautiful couples in Bollywood

Katrina and Vicky are always seen being grateful to have found each other. Even though everything is going well, how will their post-marriage life be? They have been married for over two years now and they still have a long way to go. Here is what Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif kundli matching results tell us in terms of their marriage’s future.

Dasha sandhi

Dasha sandhi indicates a difficult period in a couple’s life. In Vicky and Katrina’s case, there is no dasha sandhi. Hence, even when they experience marriage-related issues, they will be resolved quickly.

Match of mind

According to Vicky and Katrina Kaif kundli, they are different when it comes to how they handle their emotions. However, their love for each other makes sure they understand each other well.

Intellectual compatibility

Intellectual compatibility is paramount to many people. Katrina and Vicky do not have much intellectual compatibility but they will still make it work in the long run because of their respect.


Katrina and Vicky will enjoy some amount of luck after they get married. This will make their love life post-marriage even smoother and better. Luck is important for both partners.

A feeling of being burdened

None of the partners will ever feel like they are being burdened by the other at any point. This is because Vicky is very understanding and Katrina ensures she does not put too much pressure on Vicky for trivial matters.

Sexual compatibility

Katrina and Vicky Kaushal kundli show they have great sexual compatibility due to their desire to always make the other happy. They will enjoy a high level of intimacy post-marriage and thereby always be blissful.


Katrina and Vicky’s kundli matching analysis shows that they will not face any difficulty in having children when they wish to. The evaluation also shows their children will grow up to be good individuals.

Energy balance

Katrina and Vicky have a good energy balance. They can read each other well which ensures there is zero friction in their relationship. This will prove to be a great quality for a healthy marriage.


Katrina and Vicky will be open in their communication as they tread their married life together. They will be good listeners, especially Vicky, which will make the experience more enjoyable for both.

Astha koot milan

The astha koot milan method of Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif kundli matching shows that they have good compatibility. This means their marriage will have issues but they will be insignificant compared to the love the couple has for each other.


The beautiful couple will develop into better and more talented humans post their marriage according to their kundli matching results.


The couple will enjoy similar lifespans according to their kundli analysis. It is always best if two people live to be of similar ages because they can share their golden years.

Match of families

Both sides of their families are quite supportive of their relationship which will make their post-married life great as well.

Nature, mind, and character

Vicky and Katrina Kaif kundli show they have an average score when it comes to their character and nature. Even though they are from different backgrounds, they will have harmony in their marital relationship.

Sama sapta yoga

Even though this aspect does not match in Vicky and Katrina’s kundli, it does not mean they cannot make their marriage one that resembles a heavenly one! As long as they respect and love each other, they will have a fabulous life together.


Vicky and Katrina will have a smooth life with minimal misfortunes after marriage. Oftentimes, misfortunes have the power to cause a rift in a marriage because of their serious nature.


They will not argue and neither will they ever get into physical fights after marriage. This indicates they will have a healthy and harmonious marital life. Even if arguments occur, they will resolve them.

Obstructions in relationship

According to Katrina and Vicky Kaushal kundli reading, there will be minimal obstructions in their relationship. Even if one is ever upset over something, the other will always be there to pacify and calm them down.

Identity and personality

Vicky and Katrina are comfortable with each other and they will retain their identities and personalities post-marriage too. This shows they have a very strong bond and foundation for a happy marital life.


Both Katrina and Vicky are super busy which means they do not get to spend much time with each other. However, their kundli reading shows they will give each other whatever space the other person requires.

Social status

This aspect of kundli matching shows that marriage will not change their social status. They have full power to change their social status according to how much work they put in and their luck.


Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif kundli matching evaluation shows they will never cheat on their partner. They also have a low to no chance of divorce because of their immense love for each other.