Match Your Kundali

Shashtiamsa (D-60) Amsa Rulers: shastiamsa
  • Shashtiamsa Varga indicates the Sum of the Balance Sheets of our previous lives – basically indicates the position and the avasthas of the planets based on the karma of past lives of ours /our parents etc.
  • Planets take up different avasthas, exaltation and Debilitation points, Benefic and Malefic Influences based on the summation of past karmas.
  • The position and avasthas/strengths of the planets gets reflected and Benefic Shashtyamsa indicates positive influence in the current life.
  • The details of the same are indicated below:

1.  Ghora      –           terrible 
2.  Rakshasa –          demon 
3.  Deva         –          one who is full of light 
4.  Kubera      –          god of wealth 
5.  Yaksha       –          divine singer 
6   Kinnara      –          Half man
7.  Bhrsta       –           fallen 
8.  Kulagna     –           person will ruin family 
9.  Garala        –           poison 
10.Vahni         –           fire 
11. Maya        –           deceit 
12. Pureeshaka-        dirty 
13.Apampati     –        rain god(varuna) 
14.Marut           –         wind god 
15.Kaala             –         Time 
16.Sarpa             –         Snake, very vicious 
17.Amirta          –          nectar 
18.Indu                –         moon 
19.Mrdu              –          soft 
20.Komala           –         tender 
21.Heramba        –        vinayaka 
22.Brahma           –         universal father 
23.Vishnu             –         one of the Hindu trinity 
24.Maheswara     –      another deity of Hindu trinity 
25.Deva                 –   enjoyment 
26.Ardra               –   moist 
27.Kalinasa          destruction of strife 
28.Kshiteesa         –         ruler of earth 
29.Kamalakara      –       pond full of lotus 
30.Gulika              –           Saturn’s son 
31.Mrtyu   –          death 
32.Kala      –    time god 
33.Daavagni-         forest fire 
34.Ghora-           terrible 
35. Yama-          death personified 
36.Kantaka-          thorn 
37.Sudha-           nector 
38.Amrita-            nector 
39.Aoornachandra-     full of effulgence 
40.Visha dagdha- venom consuming 
41.Kulanaasa-         ruins the family 
42.Vamsakshya-      descendants not growing 
43.Utpaata-          calamity 
44.Kaala-           time god 
45.Soumya-         pleasing 
46.Komala-          tender 
47.Seetala-           cold 
48.Karaladhamstra-    hard and ferocious look 
49.Chandramukhi-      moon faced 
50.Praveena-         well versed 
51.Kaala pavaka- destructive fire at the end of the world 
52.Dhandayutha-   the staff held by the ascetic 
53.Nirmala-           spotless 
54.Soumya-         pleasing 
55.Kroora-          cruel 
56.Atiseetala-          too cold 
57.Amrita-          nector 
58.Payodhi-         ocean 
59.Brahmna-         wanderer 
60.Chandrarekha-   streaks of the moon

Applications/ Use of Shashtiamsa:

  • Knowledge of states of various planets/Grahas in Shashtiamsa gives an indication for the current life including Karmic intent for payback this life time etc.
    • For ex: Ghora or Kula Naasa are negative states of grahas and if the lagna or any planet in these states may manifest their respective avasthas in the current life.
    • It represents the sixtieth division and hence the time has to be accurate else the chart and the Amsas will not be valid
    • Also, shashtiamsas can indicate if a retrograde/ Vakri planet will manifest itself in the current avatar based in malefic or benefic influences.
    • Can get an idea of the previous lives and any indications (positive or negative) from past lives including type of death, human being etc.