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Shahrukh Khan Kundli – Gauri Khan Kundli: Marriage Life, Wedding, and Children

Shahrukh Khan kundli
Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri are a force to reckon with

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan are among the best power couple in Bollywood as their bond has weathered many storms. We can always see them silently supporting each other through controversies and also standing firmly beside one another. This is the reason why their fans look up to them with admiration and respect. It is also the reason they are eager to know about Shahrukh Khan kundli.

How it all began

Shah Rukh Khan was born on 2nd November 1965 in New Delhi. His wife Gauri Khan (nee Chibber) was born on 8th October 1970 in New Delhi. Shah Rukh Khan, also known as King Khan and Baadshah of Bollywood (or sometimes just Baadshah), has been ruling Bollywood for over three decades with his impeccable screen presence. Gauri Khan is an interior designer, fashion designer, and film producer. Their love story is one for the ages as it shows how perseverance pays off in the end.

Shahrukh Khan kundli analysis
Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri looking cute as ever during their dating days

Shah Rukh laid his eyes on Gauri at a friend’s party in 1984 and he was instantly smitten. While Gauri did not reciprocate his feelings at first, he charmed her with his wit and intelligence. When Gauri left for Mumbai without telling Shah Rukh because of a fight they had, not only did he look for her everywhere but when he found her but also expressed his feelings. This impressed Gauri who was also in love with him by that point and as a result, they got married.

Shahrukh and Gauri’s wedding

Shahrukh Khan kundali chart
Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri during their wedding ceremony

They faced many challenges due to their inter-faith relationship especially during their courtship years. Their relationship was on and off due to Shah Rukh’s reported possessiveness towards Gauri. Eventually, they made amends and decided to marry as they realized they are truly in love with each other. Gauri and Shah Rukh Khan marriage date was October 25th 1991. Shah Rukh Khan marriage age was 25 while Gauri was 20 years old at the time. For Shah Rukh Khan marriage, he had to borrow a suit from the costume department.

Shahrukh Khan kundali
Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri with their lovely family

They now have a beautiful family of five. They have three children; Aryan (born on November 13th 1997), Suhana (born on May 22nd 2000), and AbRam (born on May 27th 2013). Shah Rukh Khan is busy with his projects and is continuously bagging great films that are smashing the box office records. Gauri is making her mark by producing great content and making a splash as an interior designer. While they have come a long way, they are continually making a name for themselves.

Shahrukh Khan kundli and Gauri kundli matching

Kundali matching is a process of determining the compatibility between two people post-marriage. The more compatible they are, the smoother the marriage journey will be. Here is what the kundli matching reveals about Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan’s marriage.

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Asthakoota milan

As per the ashtakoota milan, the match between Shah Rukh and Gauri is a good one. Also, it works well as both parties continually try to improve the relationship.

Energy balance

Both are made for each other according to Gauri and Shahrukh Khan kundli analysis. This means they are always uplifting one another and encouraging each other.

Intellectual compatibility

One factor that is often overlooked in kundli matchmaking is intellectual compatibility. In kundli matching, two people need to be intellectually respectable towards one another like Shah Rukh and Gauri. This is definitely a part of their successful relationship.


Each partner is aware of the need for space in the relationship which is why they work so well. Gauri and Shah Rukh do not interfere with one another’s professional life but take advice from each other whenever required.

Identity and personality

They will enhance each other’s personalities according to Gauri and Shahrukh Khan kundali matching. They will celebrate their uniqueness.

Family compatibility

An understanding between the two families is important and this is the case for Shah Rukh and Gauri’s families as well.


Shah Rukh and Gauri will be able to communicate healthily with each other thereby enabling trust to be built according to kundli matching.

Individual development

Shah Rukh and Gauri are equally capable beings who strive to do better. Gauri and Shahrukh Khan kundali chart matching shows they will support each other’s development during their relationship.


As per Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan kundli matching, their luck has increased post-marriage. While hard work is important, they have luck by their side which has helped them succeed even more.

Social status

Shah Rukh and Gauri will improve their social status due to the nature of their work and their support for each other. This has been pretty evident after they got married.

Nature, mind, and character

Shah Rukh and Gauri are two people who are distinct in their personalities but they are willing to put in all the hard work and effort required to make their marriage work.


Shah Rukh and Gauri will have minimal misfortunes as per kundli matching thereby showing a strong marriage with few problems.

Match of mind and emotions

The way Shah Rukh thinks is different than the way Gauri thinks which causes friction in their relationship. Regardless of that, they take the time to try and understand each other which helps their relationship.

Feeling of being burdened

The couple will not dump their feelings on each other which is why none of them will ever feel burdened.


The kundli matching results show that the couple will not have any problems when it comes to progeny. As we are aware, they are parents to three children.

Sama sapta yoga

Even though the Gauri and Shahrukh Khan kundli matching shows that their match was not made happen, through sheer determination they made it work out well.

Dasha sandhi

Despite the lack of balance between the good and bad times, both Shah Rukh and Gauri are practical in how they handle problems. This is why they are likely to overcome any hurdle that comes their way.

Life span

They have a similar life span which means they will live to be the same age as it is always ideal for couples to have similar life spans so that they can grow old together.


They have a low chance of divorce due to infidelity even though Shah Rukh may get attracted towards other women. Above all, his bond with his wife will always pull him back.

Sexual compatibility

The couple is a good match in terms of sexual compatibility as they listen to the other person and their needs. This is required in a healthy long-term relationship.


There will be neither verbal abuse nor physical abuse in Shah Rukh and Gauri’s case after marriage due to their immense respect for each other.


Obstructions can cause even a great relationship to suffer. In Shah Rukh and Gauri’s case, there will be minimal obstructions according to Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan kundli matching.