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Utilise The Effective Impacts Of Saraswati Yoga

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What is saraswati yoga in astrology

In general, Saraswati Yoga has been introduced or described by astrological classic Phaladeepika, which was written by Sage Mantreswar. 

According to the Vedic astrology, it has been written that, when Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are placed in Trikona or Kendra or in a second house and at that time, the Jupiter is effectively placed in the friendly sign or in the own house has been created in the horoscope.  

So, at that time, Jupiter, Venus and mercury planets must have been placed in 2nd to 10th house of ascendant or else in lagna. It is also to be noted that, the Jupiter planet has to be strong by vargottama or by its own sign or either by the exaltation. 

The outcome of this Saraswati Yoga:

The outcome of this Saraswati Yoga is extraordinary, and famous celebrities are enjoying it to get success in their career. People, who will be with Saraswati yoga, will be a wealthy person and blessed with talented wife and children. 

Basically, it is a known fact that Saraswati is a goddess of education, knowledge, music, the power of speech, and the wisdom and arts in an effective manner. 

As the name suggests, this Saraswati Yoga is lying towards wisdom, learning, knowledge, music and arts. In this Saraswati Yoga, the mercury will provide effective learning ability, and then the Jupiter will provide wisdom.

Poet Vairamuthu excellence in Saraswati Yoga:

Vairamuthu is one of the most popular South Indian poets, who regularly work for high budget movies. His lyrics and writings are very much impressive, and he is having a separate fan base for that. 

He is very much intelligent. He can able to grab the content for his poetry through anything in a very easy manner. 

Vairamuthu with Saraswati Yoga is very much talented in writing poetry, prose, drama and will able to be learned in mathematics and alankar shastra. 

Everyone knows Vairamuthu now, and his popularity and achievement have been spread all over the globe extraordinarily. His son is also like him, named Madhan Karky. He is also very much intelligent in writing lyrics, poet and much more.