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Enlisting the terms of service that govern your use of Jothishi Media and Advertising Services Private Limited (Hereafter called and the products, features, apps, services, advertisements, content, software and other products and technologies.

Our services

  • We intend to provide Vedic Astrological services to natives and help people understand a different and spiritual perspective of their life
  • Assist and Enable people with different options available in life and help them choose the best option

Our mission is to give people the power to take a prudent decision based on Vedic Astrology Principles and therefore advance spiritually and connect with the Almighty. To help advance this mission, we provide the products and services described below to you:

  1. Provide a personalized Vedic Astrology experience and Vedic chart analysis for you:

Based on the data provided ( Date, Time and Place of Birth), we try and personalize your user experience and provide Vedic astrological inputs on your character, past , present and future, possible paths to take in life, Vedic hyms suitable for your chart, strength of planets, inputs on career, compatability, wealth, health, dharma, marriage, home, vehicles, place of stay etc.

Your experience on is unlike anyone else’s and is a unique page personalized and confidential for you with a unique query interaction enabled in your personal page and offering a host of information about your Vedic Astrological Chart.

We shall try and bring/upgradethe technological interface that would continuously increase the personalized experience over a period in time.

2. Offer content related to Vedic Astrology, Jothishi and related topics:

We offer perpetually increasing content related to Vedic Astrology and related areas and natives could read the details and contribute articles if they feel so:

The topics could be Astrological Heroes, Best Astrologers, Vedic Astrology Topics, Temples of India, Vedic Baby Names, Vedic Stories, Flowers, Food, Shlokhas and Hymns, Daily Panchanga, Vedic Astrology Raja Yogas etc.

The content could be Audio, Video or Normal content related to these topics and available over internet and social media.

3. Recommend Mantras for People:

Each person based on his Vedic Chart may like a specific Mantra, Shlokha, Frequency and Sound/Tune. would offer a personalized range of Mantras that would be specific for the person and if the native is interested could learn, practice and chant the same.

For more information could visit

4. Help you with Archana/Pooja every month on your Nakshatra day: offers Archana and Pushpanjali Pooja services on the Nakshatra day of the people. The know the Nakshatra of a person you may avail the free service of and to read about the same you may visit

This is more of a service and the necessary prasad will be couriered/posted to the address of the native 2/3 days post the Nakshatra day.

5. Provide Vedic Astrology and Spiritual related Magazines: intends to publish both Electronic and Print Magazines related to Vedic Astrology/Spirituality related topics and the native could subscribe and purchase the same, if interested.

6. Develop and provide advanced technologies for safe and functional services for people:

We use and develop open source and other advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning systems so that people can use our Products safely regardless of presence or geographic location.

Also, these technologies help in privacy and build a better customer experience and interest towards the subject.

7. Constantly innovate and research ways to make our services better:

We engage in customer feedback, live inputs and customer research to improve our Products. We try to analyse the usage pattern, customer inputs, products etc and better the current products that we have.

8. Help you locate Brands of your choice and interest:

Our Products help you locate the brands of your choice and interest and if interest you may engage with the brands.

9. Enable global access to our services:

We try and make our services and products available to people across continents and geography.

10. Brand related Services.

Help Identify Celebrity and Brands and manage the brand over the time frame specified as per the contract.