Match Your Kundali

Bengali Horoscope Matching 

Bengali weddings are what dreams are made of as they are among the most beautiful, exquisite, and breathtaking affairs in the country. From the fun rituals that are part of the ceremony to the entire feel of the wedding, it is an experience of a lifetime. After Bengali horoscope matching has yielded good results, the pre-wedding rituals start with pati potro, ashirbad, ai buro bhaat, holud kota and dhan kota, ganga nemontron and kola gach nemontron, dodhi mongol and jol tola, briddhi and nandi mukh, and gaye holud.

Then the wedding rituals start with dorpon to bor jatri, chele boron to bostro daan, saat paak and shubho drishti, and kanyadan. The bashi biye rituals are next and the ones to be followed depend on the family’s ancestry. Some of these rituals include wedding games, bashi biye snan, yagnya, sindoor daan and surja pranam, khoi fela and saptapadi. The post-wedding rituals begin next with bodhu boron, ashirbad and kaal ratri, bhat kapod and bou bhat, and ashtamangala. Bengali weddings are a treat to the eyes and soul. 

What is kundli matching?

Kundli matching in Bengali or Bengali horoscope matching for marriage is the first step after the boy and girl show interest in one another. While it may seem like an old tradition, it is still valued by Bengalis because it is symbolic in choosing the right partner for marriage. Kundli matching involves checking the horoscopes of the individuals and analysing if they match. If incompatibility outweighs suitability, then the alliance is best avoided if sufficient remedial methods do not exist to fix the issues. If most aspects are compatible, the marriage alliance is approved and the wedding preparations begin. 

Why is kundli matching important in Bengali weddings?

Bengali horoscope matching is vital for the following reasons. 

Find the best life partner 

The tradition of marriage horoscope matching in Bengali ensures that girls and boys find the best partner for themselves. As kundli matching checks for compatibility, it provides clear insights into where harmony is present and where it is absent. This gives a realistic picture and allows one to find the ideal partner who will be there for them through thick and thin. 

Discover doshas early on and rectify 

A major benefit of horoscope matching in Bengali is the awareness of potential doshas before two people get married. Knowing and understanding the doshas in advance ensures there is ample time to rectify the doshas either through fasting, pooja, or charity. This ensures a blissful married life with minimal obstacles.

Ensures long-term happiness

Butterflies in the stomach are good but what is the point of a partnership that is short-lived? With the help of an astrologer or online horoscope matching for marriage in Bengali, the bride and groom can go on a journey of long-lasting happiness, love, and growth that is satisfying to both. Kundli matching is the initial step to a forever marriage.  

What is the process of Bengali kundli matching?

The horoscope matching for marriage Bengali is done using the Ashtakoot method. It uses Vedic astrology to check the compatibility level between two people and if the marriage should be the next step. The Ashtakoot method of Bengali horoscope matching involves analysing eight aspects of each person’s birth charts and assigning points. The points are added for a total score of 36. The eight kootas and what they mean are as follows. 

Varna koota

This aspect involves looking at the social status or the caste of both which determines their characteristics. This koota reveals how spiritually connected the two people are likely to be after marriage. The varna koota has a maximum score of one. 

Vashya koota 

Vashya koota shows how well the couple balances each other out in terms of power in the relationship. It also shows which partner is highly influential in the relationship thereby making him/her the dominant one. The vashya koota has a maximum score of two. 

Tara koota 

In horoscope matching Bengali, the tara koota is of importance as it shows whether the couple is compatible as per their nakshatras. The tara koota reveals mental and physical compatibility along with how healthy they will be in the future. The tara koota has a maximum score of three. 

Yoni koota

Yoni koota checks the sexual dynamic between the couple. Each individual is categorized under a particular animal and there are 14 animals in total. The compatibility between the two animals is checked for this koota. The yoni koota has a maximum score of four. 

Graha Maitri koota

The graha maitri koota shows the friendly nature between the couple and their affection for each other after marriage. This koota considers the moon signs of each partner and determines the longevity of their union. The graha maitri koota has a maximum score of five. 

Gana koota

When horoscope matching for marriage by date of birth and time in Bengali is done, the gana koota is among the top kootas to check for compatibility. It signifies the behaviour of each person and how each will contribute to the relationship. The gana koota has a maximum score of six. 

Bhakoot koota

The bhakoot koota shows how wealthy and prosperous the couple will be after marriage. The birth stars are used for checking the bhakoot koota of both. It is ideal if the moon signs are different. The bhakoot koota has a maximum score of seven. 

Nadi koota 

Nadi koota checks the health-related compatibility of the would-be husband and wife. It also reveals the genetics of both people and the potential health of their children.  The nadi koota has a maximum score of eight. 


What is bhakoot dosha in kundli matching?

Bhakoot dosha is when the moon positions in the horoscopes of two people are inauspicious. Having a bhakoot dosha leads to mental stress, trust issues, health problems, and finance-related issues. The specific remedy for the dosha depends on the severity. 

How to get a free horoscope matching Bengali? offers both paid and free online horoscope matching marriage Bengali. One needs to simply enter their full name and birth details such as date, time, and place. The results are computed instantly. 

Is the paid version better than the free version at Jotishi?

The results of both online horoscope matching in Bengali at Jothishi are trustworthy. However, the free Bengali matching horoscope online report only gives general information of the kundli matching while the paid version provides a comprehensive report that assesses over 20 additional aspects.

How long does it take for the online kundli matching results to show?

At, it takes mere seconds for results to be displayed. If a detailed report needs to be purchased, the results will show once the payment details are entered and approved. Online Bengali horoscope matching is easy, convenient, and fast when using the Jothishi platform.

Is kundli matching required in love marriages?

Kundli matching is required for any type of marriage as it reveals the level of compatibility between two people. It is advisable for those opting for love marriages to get kundli matching done to ensure their marital life goes smoothly.