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Saraswati Yoga

Saraswati Yoga is depicted or presented by the Astrological Classic Phaladeepika written by Sage Mantreswar. It is composed that When Jupiter, Mercury and Venus are set in a Kendra (Ascendant, fourth house, seventh house, tenth house) or Trikona(5th and ninth house) or in Second House and Jupiter is firmly set in claim house or in a neighborly sign or in a praise sign Saraswati Yoga is done in a Horoscope. So Mercury, Jupiter and Venus these three characteristic benefic planets ought to be set either in Lagna or in the second, fourth, fifth, seventh, ninth or tenth house from Ascendant and Jupiter must be solid either by worship or by claim sign or by vargottama. Consequences of this Yoga is fantastic to the point that it is one of my undisputed top choice Planetary Combination. 


The person with Saraswati Yoga in kundli will be exceedingly intelligent. He will be skilful in forming exposition, show, verse and will be found out in Alankar Shastra and Mathematics. He will be gifted in verse, in story arrangement and in the work of holy messages’. His acclaim will spread everywhere throughout the world. He will be incredibly well off and will be honoured with spouse and youngsters. The first, fourth, seventh and tenth house is known as Kendra house. These resemble mainstays of the Horoscope. They are otherwise called Vishnu sthana. The fifth and ninth is known as Trikona and Laxmi Sthana. At the point when all the characteristic benefits are occupied by either the Kendra or the Trikona house, it naturally expands the quality of the Horoscope as it were. 

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Pandit Ravi Shankar | @joybhattacharj/Twitter

Saraswati is the goddess of learning, instruction, the intensity of discourse, music and expressions of the human experience and astuteness. So as the name shows this Yoga is slanted towards Knowledge, Wisdom, Learning, Arts and Music. In this Yoga Jupiter will give Wisdom, Mercury will provide speedy learning capacity, and aesthetic capability and Venus will provide enthusiasm for expressions and Music. Pandit Ravi Shankar has a place with the Saraswati Yoga. Like all other prominent identities in the Saraswati Yoga, the advantages of lies in that it won’t just make you rich however it will likewise make you famous and well-regarded identity. It will give you astuteness or learning and you will have an enthusiasm for Arts and Music.