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Neechbhanga Raja Yoga

Neechbhanga raja yoga is for improving the significance of the ‘neecha’ graha or the planet in debilitation. This yoga is done to ensure the cancellation of the debilitation of the planets. Thus, the adverse effects of the planet are annulled and exceptionally good results are expected. The debility of the graha is annulled by some specific planetary alignments, which is when it is called ‘neechbhanga’. Then this ‘neechbhanga’ turns to ‘raja yoga’ and thus called the ‘neechbhanga raja yoga’. It is important to remember that there is a lot of difference between ‘neechbhanga’ and ‘neechbhanga raja yoga’. Neechbhanga raja yoga is a state where the debilitated planet achieves the abilities to bless an individual positively.

South Indian Chart
South Indian Chart

When does neechbhanga converts to neechbhanga raja yoga?

As per Mantreswara, a renowned Hindu Astrologer, there are certain conditions and state that determines if a ‘neecha’ planet is turning into neechbhanga. Given below is a list of a few specific conditions to consider:

  • Whether the ‘neecha’ planet is occupied by the ruler of the sign and is in a ‘kendra’ or central position from the lagna or the moon.
  • A case when the ruler of the sign of the debilitated ‘graha’ achieves exaltation and is in the central position from the lagna or the moon.
  • If the ruler of the sign aspects the planet even though it is occupied by the debilitated ‘graha’.
  • If the graha is exalted in the Navamsha
  • A situation when the exalted planets and the debilitate planet are in the same sign.

If the planet in the ‘neech’ state that is gaining Neechbhanga is in the 6th, 8th, or 12th position, it would be strong raja yoga. A person born with Neechbhanga will become a king and will be just and meritorious. There are quite a few examples among the well-known personalities.

Barack Obama
Barack Obama

Celebrity Profile

One of the greatest examples of Neechbhanga raja yoga today is Barack Obama. He was born in the Capricorn ‘lagna’ which was occupied by Jupiter and Saturn. In his case planet Jupiter gains Neechbhanga and cause Neechbhanga raja yoga. ‘neecha graha’ Jupiter occupies Capricorn, causing a debilitation. It is in the central planetary positing in conjunction with the planet Saturn. The lord of the sign Capricorn thus causes Jupiter to become debilitated.

There is another interesting combination that can be found in Obama’s horoscope. While the Jupiter is in the Aquarius rashi and is delibilitated, the Moon is exhalted as the lord of Cancer and is equally exhalted as Jupiter. Thus, here Jupiter again attains a neechbhanga. It is because of Jupiter that he got sufficient power and got a notable position.