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Marathi Kundli Matching

Guide To Marathi Kundli Matching

It is no secret that compatibility between two individuals determines the success of a long-term relationship. Marriage is a lifelong bond and compatibility is its foundation. This is the reason why for Marathis the tradition of kundli matching plays a significant role in finding a suitable match. 

What is Kundli matching?

Kundali matching Marathi is a part of Vedic astrology where the compatibility between two Marathi individuals is analysed for marriage purposes. Kundali matching is also called kundali (or kundli) milan, gun milan, and lagna kundali matching in Marathi. Kundli matching requires the date of birth of the prospective bride and groom. It is deemed an important consideration in both arranged and love marriages as it reveals a complete view of the good and bad aspects of the couple’s future marital relationship. The primary method used for marriage kundali matching Marathi is Ashtakoota.

Why is Kundli matching important in Marathi weddings?

Kundali matching in Marathi for marriage is vital for the following major reasons. 

Understand the suitability of the partner

Living a blissful married life is everyone’s dream but it all starts with finding the right person to share the life with. Kundli milan helps one in finding the right partner who is astrologically compatible and suitable thereby increasing the chances of a fairytale marriage. 

Check intellectual compatibility 

Two people can have a tough time making their marriage work if they don’t respect each other’s opinions. Through Marathi kundali matching it is possible to understand how well the mentality of the two people match and find solutions if a dosha is present. 

Guides to what the future may look like

It is helpful to know what the future holds and how the marital life will turn out to be instead of fearing the future. Kundli matching provides helpful insights into marriage life and how the various aspects are likely to unfold. 

Prevent marital problems in the future

The assessment of kundali Marathi matching shows what potential problems can occur in various areas of marital life. By performing pujas, going on a pilgrimage, or performing certain rituals, these doshas or problems will be eliminated or their effect will be reduced substantially.  

Know about every aspect of the marriage

From the financial aspect to the health aspect, kundli matching reveals it all. It ensures one chooses the right partner who is compatible in the aspects that matter the most to him/her. This saves considerable time compared to choosing the wrong partner and then trying to fix the relationship later. 

How is Marathi Kundli matching done?

Kundali matching in Marathi is done using the Ashtakoota method where 8 aspects of the couple are matched and assessed. Gunas, also known as points, are then given to each aspect depending on how well they match or mismatch. The total is calculated out of 36 points. The following are the 8 aspects of Ashtakoota. 


This takes the moon signs of the two people into consideration. This aspect determines the dominant person in the relationship and who will have more authority in the marriage. It also shows how well the two are likely to get along in the future depending on the relationship dynamic. Vasya scores two points. 


This is also called jati or caste which is still important in many Indian states. Varna translates to the personality of the two individuals and how well the two people are connected spiritually. It also factors in the ego of each and it is considered ideal if both partners have the same varna. This aspect scores one point. 


This is the health-related aspect of Ashtakoota in kundali matching for marriage in Marathi. This aspect throws light on how healthy each individual is and whether they can expect to have healthy children after marriage. The Nadi aspect is often divided into three sub-categories; vata, pitta, and kapha. Nadi scores eight gunas. 


Another name for the tara aspect is dina. It considers the couple’s birth star and determines the success of the marriage. There are 9 birth start categories; janama tara, sampath tara, vipat trara, kshema tara, prathiyak tara, sathaka tara, vadhai tara, maithra tara, and parama tara. Tara scores three points. Ideally, a score of three in tara is considered an auspicious union between two people. 

Graha Maitri

The graha maitri determines the mental compatibility of the two people after marriage. After marriage, it is imperative that both partners feel heard and can easily communicate with each other about anything. This aspect shows how well they are intellectually compatible or if any hurdles can come along the way of their marital relationship. It scores five points.


The yoni aspect is how well the two partners are physically compatible and suitable for each other. Oftentimes, marriages fall apart due to sexual incompatibility or the lack of interest by one party. The yoni aspect in the kundali matching in Marathi language shows how well the two partners match in this regard or if they may have difficulty in the future. This aspect scores four points.


The rashi aspect determines the health of the relationship based on the zodiac signs of the two people. It is ideal if both people have the same zodiac sign or if they share the same ruling planet. Such combinations are considered auspicious due to their best compatibility levels while the remaining combinations are considered inauspicious. Rashi scores seven points. 


The gana requires the nakshatras of the two people. Each person can fall under any of the following categories; deva, manushya, and rakshasa. The compatibility is considered optimal if both partners are under the deva or manushya category. The worst compatibility is when one or both fall under the rakshasa group. The gana aspect scores six points. 

At Jothishi, 20 more parameters are considered apart from those mentioned above, thereby providing a 360-degree compatibility view. These ascertain the future of the marital relationship and help the couple find solutions to any problems that are likely to arise. 


What is the ideal compatibility score out of 36?

If the points add up to 18 or above, then the two individuals can go ahead and get married. A match is considered great if the points add up anywhere from 26 to 32. If the points add up to 33 or more, then it is the best match although this is rare. 

Which are the most important gunas that should match between two people?

The vital ones are gana, nadi, rashi, yoni, and graha gunas. If these match well, the couple are blessed with a beautiful married life. 

How to get a Kundali matching Marathi free?

Jothishi provides safe, accurate, and free kundali matching in Marathi report to check compatibility. The following details need to be entered to generate a report; name of the prospective bride and groom, their birthdates, their birth timings, and places of birth.

Is the online method accurate for checking compatibility? 

Jotishi has proven that it can generate accurate readings. One has the option of choosing from either the free online kundali matching Marathi or opt for a paid reading which is more detailed as it considers more than 20 additional parameters.