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Kundali Matching in Kannada

Kannada Kundli Matching 101

Marriage is the coming together of two souls that last seven lifetimes according to Hinduism. The marriage ceremony of each state varies and for Kannadigas, it displays Karnataka’s rich heritage, meaningful traditions, and simplicity. Before the marriage is approved, the parents of the bride and groom ensure kundali matching in Kannada is done.

Once the jataka kundali matching in Kannada is completed, the pre-wedding ceremonies take place; nischay tamulam, naandi, chapra puja, bale shastra, kashi yatre, and dev karya. The wedding rituals are performed on the day of the wedding and these include mandap pooja, giving the groom a hearty welcome, var puja, jaimala, dhareherdu, saptapadi, and thali. The post-wedding rituals include okhli, vidai, grah pravesh, name change ceremony, clothes gifting, visiting the bride’s house, and reception. 

What is kundli matching?

Kundali or kundli matching is also known as horoscope matching, lagna melapak, and gun milan. Janam kundali matching for marriage in Kannada is a must before marriage as it is deep-rooted in tradition and provides insight into the couple’s marital future. A kundli match analysis shows both sides of the coin; the good and the bad aspects while allowing one to take remedial action if any doshas are present. Even though some see it as a mere formality nowadays, the process plays a pivotal role when looking for the perfect marriage alliance as it is accurate and reliable. 

Why is kundli milan important in Kannadiga weddings?

The process of kundali matching for marriage in Kannada is still relevant because it acts as a guide to navigating marital life. Two people may love each other deeply but if they have problems in their horoscope then they will have trouble making their marriage work in the long term. Kundli matching ensures the right partner is chosen from the beginning so that life becomes easier after marriage. It applies to both love and arranged marriages where two people come together to live a joyful life together. 

Marriage kundali matching in Kannada sheds light on the suitability of the partners, how well they complement each other, what their life will shape up in terms of health and wealth, and the obstacles that may arise down the road. It paves the path to look for solutions for these problems so every couple can have a happily ever after story to tell. Kundli matching is an old tradition but it is still as valuable as it was when the practice started. 

How is kundli matching done in Karnataka?

The Dashakoota method is used for kundali matching by name and date of birth in Kannada. It is like the Ashtakoota system except the Dashakoota consists of ten aspects that are matched for compatibility instead of eight aspects. Each aspect carries a score which adds up to a total score of 36 points. When kundli matching is done, a score out of the maximum for each aspect is given. The following are the ten aspects and what they stand for. 

Dina – 3 points

Dina aspect shows the material comfort and health of the couple post-marriage. It reveals how wealthy the couple may become in the future post-marriage. 

Gana – 4 points

Gana aspect shows the intellectual level of both partners and how they resemble each other in terms of their temperament. 

Rajju – 5 points

Rajju aspect shows how equipped the man is to understand the woman after marriage. If he is understanding and compassionate, the marriage will be a wonderful union. 

Rashi – 7 points 

Rashi aspect is when the couple’s zodiac signs are checked to see if they align with each other. If these match, then the couple will lead a peaceful life together. 

Yoni – 4 points

Yoni aspect determines if the couple is sexually compatible with one another. It shows whether the energy is balanced between the two people. 

Rashyadhipati – 5 points

Rashyadhipati aspect gives information about the couple’s children and how prosperous these children are likely to be. 

Vasya – 2 points

Vasya aspect highlights the bond between the couple and their understanding level. It shows if they are willing to put in the work to make the marriage as good as possible. 

Vedha – 2 points

Vedha aspect considers the nakshatras of both partners. If there is a clash in nakshatras then the marriage can eventually end and lead to divorce. 

Mahendra – 2 points 

Mahendra aspect shows if the couple can have offspring together or if they are likely to face difficulty in this regard. 

Stree Deergha – 2points

Stree Deergha aspect shows the financial status of the couple after marriage. It shows how much abundance the couple will enjoy after they marry each other. 

The most important aspects that should match are the gana, rajju, dina, rasi, and yoni. The rajju and dina aspects are considered the most significant of these. As per janam kundali matching in Kannada, the compatibility score should add up to 18 points or more. An acceptable match will have a score of anywhere between 18 and 25 points. A great and lasting marriage will have a score between 26 and 32 points. A match made in heaven is when the score is between 33 and 36 points. 


What is the difference between Ashtakoot and Dashakoot?

Both Ashtakoot and Dashakoot are part of Vedic astrology that check the compatibility level between two people. While Ashtakoot assesses compatibility in the right categories, Dashakoot examines it in ten. The Dashakoot system is used in South Indian states while the remaining states use Ashtakoot method. 

Is it compulsory to get kundli matching done for a love marriage?

Kundali matching in Kannada is preferred in arranged and love marriages as it ensures a peaceful and harmonious marital life. It is highly recommended as it highlights future marital problems and gives you ample time to perform rituals and other remedies to eliminate these future issues. 

Can the free kundli milan available online be trusted?

Jothishi’s free online kundali matching in Kannada is highly trustworthy and many global clients have praised its accurate predictions. It uses the Ashtakoota method of kundli matching. For a more detailed evaluation, one can opt for the paid kundli matching service provided by which provides better insight into the couple’s marital life. 

Is kundali matching done differently by an astrologer?’s online kundali matching in Kannada and the one which the astrologer performs are similar as they use the same concept of Vedic astrology. You get instant, precise, and detailed results when you perform kundali matching online from as it checks more than 20 additional compatibility factors.

What details are required for kundli matching?

The details required for kundli matching are each person’s name, date of birth, time of birth, and birthplace. The kundli matching then evaluates the match and gives a compatibility score that shows how compatible or incompatible the two people are so that appropriate action can be taken.