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Kemadruma Yoga

Kemadruma Yoga or Kemadruma Dosh is one among the league of Graha Doshas in the natal chart of an individual. This yoga occurs when there is no adjacent planets to the Moon in the Ascendant – that is to say, the 2nd and 12th houses from the Moon are empty. 

Kemadruma Dosha should not be taken lightly because it brings misfortunes in lives of people. But on the contrary, this yoga do have certain positive traits. 

It has been seen that many highly successful natives having Kemadruma Dosha in their rashi chart have a life fraught with difficulties, struggles, failed marriage, poverty (at some point of time) and personal losses.

South Indian Chart

Kemadruma Swings in Between Good and Bad 

Kemadruma Yoga is not outright inauspicious as evident from the scores of ill-effects of the yoga on the native. Troubled life can happen but people with Kemadruma yoga have a shining and phenomenal professional life. They also have the spirit to fight all struggles in life. Natives with KermadrumaYoga are blessed with a long life.

Since Moon controls the mind, Kermadruma dosha makes a person restless and feel lonely and upset. High self-control is required to tame a disturbed mind and channelize positive energies into good deeds and professional ambitions.

It is true that people in commanding and powerful position do have Kermadruma dosha. 

Remedy for Kermadruma Dosha

Remedial measures can obliterate the negative effects of Kemadruma dosha. Keeping fast and offering raw milk on Shivling on Monday can negate the bad effects of the graha dosha. There are many other remedial astrological solutions, wherein Kemadruma Yoga can be converted to Rajayoga.

Asha Bhonsle

Music Doyen Asha Bhonsle – Kemadruma Yoga in Singer’s Natal Chart

Asha Bhonsle’s songs has been music to ears for her ardent fans but the singer’s successful professional life has been affected by irreparable personal losses. She has lost her son Hemant Bhonsle and daughter Varsha Bhonsle to cancer and suicide respectively. She has faced many other personal struggles and hardships in her early years even though she was always appreciated as a Bollywood playback singer per excellence. Due to Kermadruma dosha she had to fight financial setback and failed marriage in her younger years.