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Everything You Need to Know About Parijat Flowers

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Importance of Parijaat Flowers

The word Parijat means descended from or celestial. Flowers bloom at night and fall down from the branches in the first rays of light. The flower of Parijat is known worldwide as night-flying Jasmine and Coral Jasmine.

The mythological story shows that Parijat is a heavenly tree brought to earth by Lord Krishna and the flowers of Parijat have seven to eight petals on an orange-red stem. These beautiful flowers are used in many spiritual activities and used for Pooja daily. This flower loses its lustre during the day and blooms at night.

Famous temple with Parijat tree is located in Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh. This tree is believed to have been extracted from the ashes of Kunti and can be traced to 5,000 years. It is believed that it is the only Kalpavriksha, descended from heaven that can grant all your material desires.