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Chandra Mangala Yoga

As per the Vedic Astrology, the Chandra Mangala yoga is considered to provide good consequences to the native. One interesting fact about the Chandra Mangala yoga is that while some astrologers believe that it brings good outcomes, some opine that it brings adverse results for the native. When the Chandra or the Moon and Mangal or the Mars combine together, Chandra Mangala yoga is formed. People in this yoga are financially rich. If the Chandra or the Mangala combines in the strong house of any graham or either of them is aspected by the Jupiter, then the Chandra Mangala yoga is powerful. A person having Chandra Mangala yoga tends to become strong, wealthy, and live a long life after the age of 27 years of age. 

Effects of this yoga

If Mars is in a strong position in the horoscope of the person having the Chandra Mangala yoga, then he/she ill-treats his/her mother and maintains a bad relationship with the other relatives. However, the same person would be very obedient to his/her boss and have a suitable professional life.  Till the age of 35, yoga has a positive impact on the life of the person. He/she gets almost everything on his/her own. However, if the Mangal is weak in the horoscope, a remedy is required for the person to become rich. While dealing with others such a person makes a bold and confident move. 

A person having Chandra Mangala yoga is successful in the pharma industry, auto industry, alcohol business and profession related to arms and ammunition. 

Celebrity Profile

In the horoscope of Bill Gates, Chandra Mangala yoga can be found. It is because of this yoga that he became so successful and a great businessman. He has been a great inspiration and has till date inspired many people with his innumerable success stories. Strong Chandra and Mangala in his horoscope provided him with a character where he has achieved a mass appeal, power, as well as affluence. He is one rare example of the best ways Chandra Mangala yoga can impact someone’s life. Born on the 28th of October, he is a Gemini Ascendant. Mercury in the graham Virgo gives him the strong base for his intelligence.