Compatibility Score

192 /220

  • Below 125 - Not recommended
  • 125-140- Please consider other profiles before taking this further
  • 140-160- Recommended
  • 160-180 - Good Match
  • 180 Plus - Very Good Match
Conclusion: Very Good Match

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Place of Birth
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
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Place of Birth
Kannur, Kerala, India
Date of Birth
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Uttra Phalguni

Matrimonial Compatibility Report

Summary Report

Compatibility Score is 192/220

Conclusion: Very Good Match

Sama Sapta Yoga:

The ultimate union is where the couple have been partners in their earlier incarnations - for seven generations, across seven oceans, across the sapta lokas, among the Sapta Swaras, with the sapta varnas. If this match is met, you need not check with any of the other conditions!

A higher scores indicates a heavenly match


Match Of Mind And Emotions:

Ideally you want the couple to be emotionally and mentally connected. They should be able to understand each other and be very emotionally supportive. They should be able to communicate well with each other without exhausting each other. Both the people involved should feel like they are connected in a harmonious and loving way.

Partners should not feel that they are straining to communicate their points of view and that they are not able to convey their feelings.

A higher score indicates that partners will be supportive of each other.


Balance Of Energy:

It is important that the energies of two people match and that the energy of one person does not drown out the energy of the other. It is an attempt to match a passionate and energetic person with another who has the same high levels of energy.

An energy imbalance leads to one person dominating the other and can lead to a sub-optimal relationship on one end. At the other extreme if both partners have very high energy levels, it can lead to friction.

A higher score indicates good Balance of energy amongst the couple.


Life Span:

When studying two charts for long term compatibility it is important to compare the lifespan of the two individuals. It would be tragic to pair a person with a long lifespan with a shorter one. However, determining the life span is best attempted by a well-experienced astrologer. We do not want to end up in a situation where-in one partner lives a lonely life for say: 20 years and that too in old age.

A higher score indicates similar life spans.


Misfortunes In Life:

Both the charts are compared to see how the two balance each other with regard to favourable and unfavourable times. This avoids them facing the prospect of both undergoing hard times at the same time. When two people with the same negative pattern are matched it adds to the possibility of this misfortune.

Misfortunes could be related to huge debts, one partner being diseased/bed-ridden, sudden death of a partner etc

A higher score indicates fewer or no misfortunes.



Children bring colour to our lives. Some charts show a difficulty with having a progeny. When it is matched with a chart that has extremely good combinations for having children, it will balance this out. At least one chart showing that the children will be good and will take care of the parents in their old age is essential.

It is good to have this match done, unless the partners consciously decide not to have one.

A higher score indicates no problems with progeny.


Dasha Sandhi:

The change of Dasha period or Dasha Sandhi is a psychological and emotionally difficult time that takes a lot of getting used to. Starting married life with Dasha Sandhi is not recommended especially if there is a Dasha Sandhi within a year of the marriage. It is also advisable to see there are no unfavourable or conflicting Dasha Sandhis in effect during the course of the marriage..

Dasha Sandhi coupled with Kantaka/Ashtama Shani etc can lead to serious issues for one of the partners.

A high score indicates good and bad times are balanced in each other’s chart.


Sexual Compatibility:

Ashtakoota measures the physical compatibility of the partners. engine also assesses the mental compatibility during sex life. It is said that Sexual Drive should increase every decade of the partners life and not vice versa as it has more to do with mental and emotional compatibility as compared to physical features.

It is essential to study the chart to identify any potential issues in the sex life of a person. One should ensure that there is a good possibility for the couple to enjoy a good sex life after marriage.

A higher score indicates good intimacy in the relationship.


Divorce Or Infidelity:

An experienced astrologer can see the likelihood for multiple marriages as well as infidelity in a chart. Potential for longevity and happy marriage in one of the charts can help negate ill effects in the other.

A higher score indicates no infidelity in the marriage.


Intellectual Compatibility:

The charts of the partners can potentially indicate the intellectual compatibility of the partners. This may or may not have a direct correlation with the educational qualifications of the partners.

It is good to a have a match wherein both partners talk the same type of topics and there is a good match of intellect. Avoid matches where one says Right and the other says Left especially in the long-term - in the short-term hormones rule over the intellect.

A higher score indicates good intellectual compatibility.


Nature, Mind and Character:

The charts of the partners could indicate the character of the partners. Also, if the cultures are similar. Kindly note that cultures indicated in the chart have nothing to do with caste, creed, religion etc.

A higher score indicates that there will be good harmony at every point in life.


Space in the relationship:

In today's context both partners are working and have a busy life. It is important that each partner has the ability to understand this and give the required space to each other to enable a smooth relationship.

One does not want a situation where-in interference is there in each other’s lives and the partner tends to feel the lack of space.

A higher score indicates good space in the relationship and no negative interference from the partner in their life.


Development :

Ideally there needs to be development of both the partners post the marriage. The development could be in areas such as intellectual, spiritual, financial, emotional, status and career. It should not be the case that one is advancing way ahead and the other partner feels neglected or left behind. There should be a feeling of progress for both partners.

A higher score indicates that both partners will blossom equally well.


Abuse in relationship :

One should avoid charts that could possibly indicate domestic violence and cases of abuse in relationships.

A higher score indicates that there will be no abuse in the relationship


Luck :

Does the marriage lead to luck for both the partners? An important point to consider for chart matching is if both can bring in prosperity into the relationship.

One does not want to hear statements like " I lost my luck post marriage"

A higher score indicates that both partners will bring luck into each other’s lives.


Identity and personality :

Every person is unique, and their identity and personality should strengthen post marriage. One of the partners should not have a feeling he/she has lost their identity and merged with the spouses identity.

A higher score indicates that both the partners will maintain their identity in the relationship.


Feeling of being Burdened :

Marriage ideally should not bring in a feeling of being burdened and stressed. While it takes a couple of months for partners to adjust with each other in a relationship, sometimes a partner/spouse brings in heaviness in the relationship.

Practically this is true especially in cases when one the partners does not do any work and many of the responsibilities on a daily basis is handled by a single partner.

A higher score indicates that neither partner will be a burden on the other.


Match of Families :

This is very important in the context of nuclear families that are prevalent today with both partners working. A support system of parents and in-laws is a good thing to have in a relationship.

A higher score indicates that both the families will be provide a great support system for the marriage.


Social Status :

Does the Vedic match assist in increase of social status of the partners? Ideally a good match should enable that.

This is not limited to having a good house or a big car but also perception of others. Technically called the Arudha.

A higher score indicates that both the partners will increase their social status.


Communication :

It is imperative to have a smooth and honest communication between the partners. Looks good in papers but in real life equally hard to achieve. Half the issues can be sorted out if the communication flow is good in the charts.

A higher score indicates good and healthy communication.


Obstructions in relationship :

The Vedic chart matching can clearly indicate obstructions in the relationship and it could lead to obstructions in every single event in life when both are together.

For example, simple things like: Tyre gets punctured when you decide to go for a movie, some emergency when you decide to go for an outing etc.

A higher score indicates that there will be no/ fewer obstructions in the relationship.


Astha Koot Milan :

The Ashta Koota Milan is the eight-point comparison of two charts for marriage compatibility. This way of matching has a maximum of 36 points that can be scored for compatibility. A score of 18 out of 36 is considered good enough. It is often confused and taken as the best way to match the horoscopes. It is a very general way of matching horoscopes but other factors as listed above should also be considered.

We have scaled the traditional Astha Koot Milan to a 10 point scale. A higher score indicates a good match.





Mo 12 1 Ke 2 Sa 3
Ju 11 4
10 5
AS,Su ,Me ,Ve 9 Ma ,Ra 8 7 6



Me 12 Su 1 Ve 2 AS3
Ke 11 4
10 Ma ,Ju ,Sa ,Ra 5
9 8 7 Mo 6