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At Jothishi.com we provide you kundli milan in hindi. Our software has been trained to match two different horoscopes and generate a compatibility report based on ancient Vedic astrology principles. At Jothishi.com, our software uses the Ashtakoota Method of matchmaking to perform the kundli matching hindi. Our software also performs kundli matching in hindi for free! Besides the free kundli matching in hindi, we have created an advanced kundli matching tool which checks compatibility across a large number of additional aspects and factors so you can get a detailed result about compatibility with your new life partner. If you’re looking for online kundli matching in Hindi, Jothishi.com has you covered. Whether free or paid (INR 250 only), our kundli matching hindi tool will give you the entire compatibility report in hindi language.


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Kundli Milan in Hindi - हिंदी में कुंडली मिलान - What Does It Involve?

Jothishi.com has created a Hindi based tool which will draw the compatibility and kundli milan in Hindi. All you have to do is enter the details of both the groom and the bride in the tool. First you have to enter the kundli matching by name in hindi, which involves adding the names of both the marriage partners (नाम से कुंडली मिलान) . Next, you can add the dates of birth, places of birth, time of birth (जन्म कुंडली मिलान) and perform the compatibility check. Then the report will automatically be generated for free in Hindi.

Hindi Kundli Milan (कुंडली मिलान हिंदी )

Jothishi.com has two offerings for Kundli Milan in Hindi (विवाह कुंडली मिलान) - free online kundli matching for marriage in Hindi and Paid service, also in Hindi. The kundli matching software in hindi tool mainly uses the Ashtakoota method of kundli matching. It offers kundli matching in hindi free. In this method, 8 gunas or aspects or factors are taken into consideration. Each of these gunas or aspects has a certain weightage in terms of points. To arrive at the final kundli milan Hindi compatibility score, the points for all the 8 aspects are added up. If the score is on the higher side, it indicates a good compatibility and a good match between the partners. If the score is lower, then it indicates that there are likely to be problems in compatibility or in the proposed marriage. The Ashtakoota method of kundli matching, which is a ​​free kundli matching for marriage in Hindi, however, is very limited. It does not cover all the aspects of compatibility in a healthy marriage.

Jothishi.com has brought out an additional paid tool (INR 250 only) which will generate an advanced online kundli milan in Hindi. This advanced report by Jothishi.com contains many additional factors (totally 36 factors or gunas) and helps you understand the compatibility between the two partners across all these 36 factors. This way you will get a clearer idea about the compatibility or match with your partner and will learn more about how your relationship will evolve over time.

What are the different gunas / aspects / factors covered in the Ashtakoota method (Free version) ?

Ashtakoota method is the most traditional form of kundli matchmaking in India. Ashta means 8 and Koota means categories. This means there are 8 categories across which Ashtakoota method usually checks for compatibility of a couple. The 8 categories are gana vichar (respect) , grah maitri vichar (to analyse faith and trust), yoni vichar (animal based tendencies), Taara vichar (checking categories of birth stars), Varna vichar (based on caste), vashya vichar (based on who will be the alpha in the relationship), Bhakoot vichaar (happiness and economic well being), and naadi dosha vichar (genetic match). This is the reason why it is called Guna Milan, because of the gunas which are checked for compatibility. However, Ashtakoota method is limited because it analyses only 8 different aspects, hence Jothishi.com has created a paid version that considers 36 different gunas and aspects of compatibility in a marriage.

What is the significance of Tara Koot in Kundli Matching or Kundli Milan?

Both partners who are getting their kundli matched have their own birth stars. Tara Koota in kundli matching is used to check the compatibility between the two birth stars of the partners. The 27 Nakshatras are typically divided into nine different groups, Janma Tara – Long lifespan for the couple, Sampath Tara – Money, Prosperity and wealth, Vibath Tara – difficulties and accidents, unfortunate events, Kshema Tara – well being and prosperity, Prathiyak Tara – impediments and obstacles, Sathaka Tara – Accomplishments, Vadhai Tara – difficulty and sufferings, Maithra Tara – Friendliness, Parama Maithra Tara – High level of Friendliness.

What is Nadi dosha and what are the different types of Nadi dosha?

According to astrology in the Veda, there are three main nadis in each individual. These three Nadis are the Aadi Nadi, Madhya Nadi and the Antya Nadi. Aadi Nadi represent Vaata or the air element, it flows from bottom to the top. The Madhya Nadi represents Pitta or the fire element, and it flows both ways. The Antya Nadi represents Kapha or the water element and flows from top to bottom.

Aadi nadi dosha - Couples with this dosha may have a lot of confrontations or divorce Madhya nadi dosha - In this case, misfortunes, confrontations may occur. Children may inherit diseases from parents or have genetic defects. Antya Nadi dosha - This dosha means that one of the partners will die. There may also be health problems early on in the marriage.

Are there any remedies available for Nadi dosha?

Nadi dosha is a serious dosha and must be studied carefully by an astrologer, who will recommend remedies to you. Chanting of the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra is one useful remedy. This mantra, when chanted with devotion, can grant alleviation from Nadi Dosha. One can also do a Nadi Dosha Nivarana Puja, under the guidance of an astrologer and a pundit. Donations are considered to generate very good karma according to Vedic astrology, so your astrologer may recommend you to make some donations also. Other remedies include the use of yantras or sacred geometry, and gemstones. Donating food to Brahmins or feeding cows are also good remedies for Nadi Dosha.

What are the different gunas / aspects / factors covered in the Advanced Report (paid version)?

It is not possible to give a clear idea about the potential marriage and compatibility with only eight different factors or aspects. Hence, in accordance with Vedic Astrology principles, Jothishi.com has created a software tool that considers 36 different aspects or factors to gauge the match between a couple. These factors are: Life Span, Children, Misfortunes in life, Sama Sapta Yoga, Balance of energy, Dasha Sandhi, Divorce or Infidelity, Intellectual compatibility, Match of mind and emotions, Nature, mind and character, Sexual Compatibility, Development, Abuse in the relationship, Luck, Space in the relationship, Match of families, social status, Identity and Personality, Feeling of being burdened, Communication, Obstruction in relationship. The advanced report also generates online kundli milan in Hindi. Jothishi.com generates kundli matching for marriage in Hindi by name and date of birth.

Are there any sample reports of Kundli Milan in hindi?

Jothishi.com offers many free sample reports of Kundli Milan in Hindi which you can check by clicking on the “Sample reports” button. Jothishi.com has performed the kundli milan match on various famous and celebrity couples to determine whether the couples are a good match or not. You can take a look at these sample reports to get an idea of what an advanced kundli matching report from Jothishi.com would look like in Hindi. Once you are confident about what to expect from the paid version of the tool, you can go ahead and make the payment so that the tool can generate an advanced kundli matching report in hindi for you.

What is the meaning of Mangalik?

Mangalik is the term used to denote a person who is born under the Mars constellation. According to Vedic astrology, it is not auspicious for a Mangalik to marry someone who is not a Mangalik. Vedic astrology says that a person born under Mars planet has Mangalik Dosha.

Can Mangalik Dosha be remedied?

There are many different remedies that have been suggested to help alleviate Mangalik dosha. One of the remedies involves praying to lord Hanuman. Hanuman is known to be a deity that Mars supplicates to, and hence this has been suggested as a remedy. The prayer to Hanuman can be in the form of chanting Hanuman Chalisa atleast once in a day, every day.

Chanting the Gayatri mantra is another remedy for Manglik dosha. This can be done 108 times every day.

Donate red coloured clothes and items to labourers who work with iron, such as construction workers. You can donate red sarees to women labourers who are engaged in construction work and who work with iron. You can make this donation on a Tuesday.

Can a Mangalik marry a non-mangalik?

No. According to Vedic astrology, a mangalik can only marry another mangalik.

What are the different types of ganas in astrology?

There are three types of ganas in vedic astrology. These are the Dev gan (divine quality), Manushya Gan (human quality), and Rakshasa Gan (demonic quality). The 27 constellations or nakshatras have all been divided into these three ganas.

What are the characteristics of each of the ganas in Vedic astrology?

The characteristics of each of the ganas are very unique and different.

Deva Gana: People who fall under this gana exhibit good qualities that can be considered divine in nature. These people are generous to a fault, humble and good and kind at heart. They have good manners, they have a good temperament and mood, and tend to follow traditions of Sanatana Dharma. They are never jealous, and do not get into trouble or arguments or confrontations with others. These are people who can appreciate the good qualities in others.

Manushya Guna: People that fall under this gana have a human nature. These people make mistakes and make correct decisions as well - they are human after all. They may swing between being kind and generous or selfish and unkind. These people usually work for the welfare of themselves and their dependents. They are not necessarily prone to following all the rules laid out to them and may adhere to tradition partially.

Rakshasha Gana: This gana is a gana which is a bit dark in nature. People who belong to this gana are usually difficult to change and stuck up or stubborn. They tend to quarrel a lot and have arguments with their partners over minor matters. These people tend to be self centered and do not really care about others. These are defects in the personality for sure, but it does not mean that this person is necessarily a bad person altogether. People with this gana can have strong intuition.

How are ganas matched and what are the points awarded to different ganas?

Ganas are considered in Jothishi.com’s free Ashtakoota kundli matching in hindi service. Usually, a full 5 points is awarded when the man is in Manushya Gana and the Woman falls in Deva Gana. Even if one of the partners belongs to the Rakshasa gana, irrespective of whether the other partner is a Deva or Manushya gana, 0 points will be awarded. This is a strong mismatch in kundli. This is also called Gana dosha. Usually a Nakshatra Shanti Puja is suggested to neutralize the Gana Dosha. Ideally, it is good for both partners to have the same gana so that the qualities etc can be a perfect match.

How to identify which gana a person belongs to?

The gana of a person can be determined based on the Nakshatra that the person was born under.

Dev Gana: Swati, Anuradha, Revati, Shravan, Hasta, Pushya, Punarvasu, Mrigashirsha, Ashwini nakshatras

Manushya Gana: Rohini, Bharani, Purva Phalguni, Ardra, Uttara Phalguni, Uttara Ashad, Purva Ashada, and Purva Bhadrapada and Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatras

Rakshasa Gana: Shathabhisha, Dhanishta, Vishaka, Jyeshta, Moola, Ashlesha, Magha, Chitra, Krittika Nakshatras