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Kundli Matching Gujarati

A Gujarati wedding is full of vibrant hues, beautiful customs, and pomp. It all starts with kundli matching Gujarati. Once the kundlis are matched the pre-wedding rituals begin with chandlo vidhi, gol dhana, Ganesh matli, griha shanti, mehndi ceremony, sangeet sandhya, mandap mahurat, pithi, and mosalu and mameru. The wedding rituals include varghodo, agaman, ponknu, jaimala, maduparka, antarpaat,kanyadaan, hasta milaap, mangal pheras, saptapadi, and sindoor daan. The post-wedding rituals include saubhagyavati bhava, chero pakaryo, ashirvad, vidaai, ghar nu laxmi, and aeki beki.

What is kundli matching?

Kundli is the birth chart of the individual and it offers detailed insights into a person’s life such as health, prosperity, children, career, and so on. Kundli matching in Gujarati for marriage is the method of determining if two people are compatible in numerous aspects. If they are compatible then they can get married. Kundli matching is also called gun milan and is useful in both love and arranged marriage scenarios. Kundli matching Gujarati involves studying the planetary positions, zodiac signs, houses, ascendants, and nakshatras among others of both the prospective bride and groom. 

Why is kundli matching important in Gujarat?

Kundli matching in Gujarati marriage is significant due to the following reasons. 

  • It ensures the girl and the boy find the best marriage match. Incompatibility issues can ruin a marriage in the long run so kundli matching before the alliance is fixed is a good idea. 
  • Kundli matching forecasts what can happen after marriage thereby showing a realistic viewpoint that can be used to make the necessary changes where needed.
  • It reveals the strengths and weaknesses of the couple. This enables the couple to be better prepared for what is in store. 
  • Matching kundli for marriage in Gujarati shows what the future of the couple’s children will look like in terms of prosperity and health. 
  • It enables the couple to think through what is most important for them in marriage and then choose a partner accordingly. 
  • Gun milan shows if certain doshas are present in the birth charts of the couple which can cause problems. This allows the couple to take remedial measures. 

How is Gujarati kundli matching done?

Gujarati kundli matching is done using the ashtakoot method where eight components are checked for compatibility between the couple; varna, vashya, tara, yoni, graha maitri, gana, bhakoot, and nadi. Each component has a maximum number of points that can be given according to the compatibility level. The total score is 36 gunas or points and the score is calculated out of 36 for the couple. Here is what each component means in astrology kundli matching in Gujarati for marriage.

Varna – 1 guna

The varna koota involves studying the individuality of each partner and whether they will make a good couple with their traits. Every person is unique and if their unique talents are not appreciated, the couple cannot have a happy life. The varna koota is essential in ensuring harmony between the couple that lasts a lifetime. 

Vashya – 2 gunas

The vashya koota determines the person with more power in the relationship. It explores the power dynamic between the couple and which person has more control and say in the relationship after marriage. How the couple communicate and interact with one another is vital to understanding their future together. 

Tara – 3 gunas

The tara koota depends on the nakshatra compatibility between the two people. It checks how emotionally in sync the prospective bride and groom are. Emotional compatibility is important because it shows understanding and caring. The tara koota also determines the health of the couple post-marriage and how long they are likely to live. 

Yoni – 4 gunas

The yoni koota is studied to reveal the sexual compatibility between two people. If they are opposites in this regard, then the marriage can turn sour and eventually lead to other problems. This is why the partners need to be compatible sexually as it can lead to better emotional and physical health. 

Graha maitri – 5 gunas

The graha maitri koota determines the friendship between the couple. Regardless of the relationship between two people, friendship is the foremost relationship that must be nurtured. When the foundation of friendship is solid, the couple can have a lovely marital relationship because of the comfort level they feel in each other’s company. 

Gana – 6 gunas

The gana koota checks the behaviour-related compatibility between the couple and the true nature of each individual. If the nature of one is complementing the nature of the other person, then the marriage is made in heaven because the couple will be in bliss after marriage. Otherwise, there will be trouble eventually. 

Bhakoot – 7 gunas

The bhakoot koota focuses on the financial aspect of the couple. Prosperity, luxury, and abundance are important for most people. This koota shows how wealthy the couple will become once they get married or if financial problems can occur in the future. The koota is calculated based on the nakshatras of the couple. 

Nadi – 8 gunas

The nadi koota is related to the genetics of each person and their health. It reveals information about the likely health of the prospective bride and groom’s future child as well. As health is crucial for a good life, this guna is critical for those who want to ensure they marry the right person and have healthy offspring. 


How many gunas should be compatible for a successful marriage?

Ideally, the number of gunas that match between the couple should be 18 or above when Gujarati kundli matching for marriage. If the points add up to be less, the chances of the marriage failing are much higher. 

Is gun milan compulsory in the Gujarati community?

Kundli matching online Gujarati or through an astrologer is recommended and almost everyone believes kundli matching is the necessary first step for Gujarati people. Kundli matching shows a compatibility level so it is highly recommended for a happy married life. 

What is nadi dosha?

If nadi dosha is found when kundli matching for marriage in Gujarati, it means the couple can suffer from a myriad of physical ailments after marriage. Nadi dosha can also mean trouble in conceiving. Nadi doshas are categorized into three types; aadi nadi dosha, madhya nadi dosha, and antya nadi dosha.

Is free kundli matching software safe to use?

It is best to try online kundli matching in Gujarati as it is safer than downloading software from unknown websites. Jothishi offers an excellent kundli matching tool online. You can get a paid or free kundli matching for marriage in Gujarati report at