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Horoscope Matching Kerala

Kerala weddings are among the most graceful and elegant celebrations in India. Also known as the Nair Weddings, they are rooted in the rich culture of Kerala and take pride in their simplicity. It all starts with the pre-wedding rituals such as kundli matching, muhurtham, and nischayam ceremony which is followed by the pre-nuptial blessings, mehendi ceremony, and haldi ceremony. These are followed by the wedding rituals which include the madhuparkam, kanyadaanam, sparsham, and sadhya. The post-wedding rituals are a sight to behold and they include kudivep and grihpravesh. 

What is kundli matching in Kerala?

Kundli matching is part of Vedic astrology which holds the belief that planets have an influential force over a person’s destiny. It is a practice that has been an integral part of marriages for thousands of years.  The act of horoscope matching Kerala is a prerequisite to getting married as per Hindu customs. In kundli matching, the janam kundli or the birth Kerala horoscope chart of the potential bride and groom is checked for compatibility. The consent for marriage is only given if the two horoscopes are compatible as it signifies a blissful married life. 

Why is kundli matching important in Kerala weddings?

Horoscope matching in Kerala is crucial because it enables two people to understand whether they are right for each other. It shows the compatibility level in various important areas and shows what kind of partnership is likely to form because of the union. Matching kundlis and then marrying the perfect person is better than marrying the wrong person and regretting forever. Kundli matching can show whether a person will get the respect they seek if they will become wealthy in the future, and if the union will bring out the best in both partners. 

Another benefit of the Kerala astrology horoscope matching is that highlights any doshas that may occur in the future due to some incompatible factors in the charts. Accordingly, the couple can take certain actions to lessen the bad effects of such factors or fix them before they become bigger obstacles down the road. The remedies can range from performing pooja on certain days, fasting for a period, wearing a gemstone to make a planet stronger, etc. Therefore, marriage horoscope matching Kerala can lead to a happy married life. 

How is kundli matching done in Kerala?

The Kerala horoscope matching for marriage is done using the Dashakoota or Dashakoot method where ten kootas, poruthams, or aspects are checked for compatibility. Each koota has a maximum number of points and when kundli matching is done, the number of points is given depending on the compatibility. The cumulative of these is 36 points. When the horoscopes match and the score is 18 or above out of 36, then marriage between two people can be performed. The following are the ten Kerala horoscope matching kootas.

Vasya koota – 2 points

In this koota, the moon signs of the prospective bride and groom are matched to see the more powerful one in the relationship. It reveals the level of compromise from each partner and how harmonious their relationship is likely to be post-marriage.  

Mahendra koota – 2 points

It determines the wealth aspect of the couple after they tie the knot and if they will enjoy a life full of luxury and abundance. Another aspect shown by this koota is the number of children that the couple will have. 

Vedha koota – 2 points

This koota shows what obstacles might obstruct the happiness of the couple after they get married. When the obstacles are known, it becomes simpler to find solutions to eliminate these problems from the couple’s life before they get married. 

Stree Deergha koota – 2 points

It shows how the potential bride will live happily after marriage and if she will have a long life like that of her husband. It also signifies whether the female will stay wealthy after marriage and other financial aspects. 

Dina koota – 3 points

This koota uses the birth starts of the couple to determine how healthy the couple will be and how much wealth they will accumulate over time after their marriage. In short, it gives a glimpse of the couple’s destiny.

Gana koota – 4 points

Having similar thinking patterns and ideologies is essential so that a couple is at peace. This koota shows how similar the couple are in terms of their personalities or if their characteristics clash with each other. 

Yoni koota – 4 points

This koota shows the physical intimacy of their relationship and how balanced they are likely to be in terms of their sexuality. The yoni koota also shows aspects of their physical attraction for one another and how satisfied they will be with each other after marriage. 

Rajju koota – 5 points

It puts focus on the man and whether he will live a good long life. It shows if the couple will have a fantastic relationship with each other thereby enabling the man to have a long life. It is based on the study of the nakshatras of the couple. 

Rashyadhipati koota – 5 points

This koota shows the friendly nature of the couple for one another. Admiration, respect, compassion, and empathy are necessary for any relationship to work. This koota determines if the couple will have that strong bond in the long term as well. 

Rashi koota – 7 points

It determines whether the couple will easily have children and if they will live a healthy and wealthy life. It is based on the study of each person’s zodiac sign and the ruling planets of each person. It is an important consideration for kundli matching. 


Is the date of birth sufficient for kundli matching?

It is possible to use only the Kerala horoscope by date of birth for kundli matching. However, it is best to use the name, date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth of both individuals for more accurate results and predictions.

How are doshas found in Kerala marriage horoscope?

During the horoscope match Kerala process, doshas are found when certain incompatibilities exist between the two birth charts. In some cases, the combinations formed mean there is a dosha. In other cases, the planetary position of one clashes with the other which means there is a dosha. 

Is kundli matching in Kerala done the same way as North India?

All states apart from the South Indian states use a method called the Ashtakoota or Ashtakoot method of kundli matching that compares eight aspects. The method used for matching horoscope Kerala and other South Indian states is the Dashakoota method which matches ten aspects. 

Is it easy to perform kundli matching online?

Online horoscope matching Kerala style can be completed in seconds when using a platform such as It offers paid or Kerala horoscope matching free reports to get the kundli matching results by entering the name and date of birth details. 

What is the difference between the free and paid kundli matching packages offered by Jothishi?

The jathaka porutham Malayalam free report provides a general overview. However, the paid report is much more detailed as over 20 additional aspects are checked for compatibility during the kundli matching process.