Match Your Kundali

1) How did we develop this product?

This product is developed after research with thousands of married couples using the technique of ancient science of Vedic Astrology.

2) What inputs are needed to check ” When will I Get Married?

We need the date, time and place of birth.
Also, you will need to decide the age range that you want to get married and we will tell you the best dates ( Month and Year).

3) How do i input my age?

For ex: If one got marriage at the age of 25-26 years – you can input 25- good to keep minimum plus/minus 1/2 years and then allow the model to calculate.

4) How do we validate the results?

You may check the results of any of your relatives, friends or parents to validate their marriage date. if it is correct, then check for your chart.

5) What happens if we are not able to validate any of the results? or one is not happy with the results?

We will refund the money within 24 hours.

6) How will the refund happen?

There is a link on the site page to claim a refund. We will initiate refund in 24 hours and amount will get credited back on to your source in 3 days.

7) What technologies are being used in this product?

We are using Python rule engine and will build a layer of Deep learning to refine the product.

8) What is the accuracy level of the product? is currently running at an accuracy levels of around 80% based on thousands of test results.

9) Will you patent the product?

Yes, once we are in the launch process phase in the market. We intend to apply for a patent.

10) Why can’t the model indicate the best time frame in our entire life?

The model can, but in today’s context some get married very late and a few very early. The good time for marriage can come in multiple time frames. So it is best that one decides when to get married and then check if there is probability in that age range.

11) What if a person is not married?

The scores may be low for that person or he/she may have passed that phase as per Vedic Astrology. There is also another possibility where-in he/she may have decided not to get married though there may be a good time as per the chart.

12) Are we trying to say that everything is destined?

Kindly check the video for more info: believes that a few use cases can be automated and we are trying to achieve that.

13) Are we saying that Vedic Astrology is a Science?

Yes, this product is the biggest proof that Vedic Astrology is a Science. If we can predict marriage, we can predict many other events in life based on the depth of understanding of Vedic Astrology.

14) What are the products in pipeline?

Career Predictor, Best Education predictor for your children, Profile your prospective spouse etc.

15) How important is timing in Marriage?

If both the partners as per Vedic Chart analysis have similar time frame then the match is considered good for a Nature’ perspective.

16) How can we figure out a good partner?

Try our Vedic Kundli/Horoscope Matching –