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AstroSage Kundli Milan 

Kundli matching is an active practice in Hindu matrimony that ensures the bride and groom are right for each other and live their best life post-marriage. Even though a lot has changed over the years, kundli matching remains a significant part of a Hindu marriage. Two platforms that provide online kundli matching services are Jothishi and AstroSage kundli milan websites.

What is kundli matching?

Kundli matching is based on Vedic astrology and is the first step in every Hindu wedding. Also known as gun milan, it is the method used to match the birth charts of the prospective bride and groom to check compatibility levels in various areas. Depending on the compatibility computed, it is concluded that the couple should get married or look for another match. It is also used for accurately predicting the life of the couple post-marriage along with the problems that may arise. Kundli milan by Astrosage and Jothishi follow the same Vedic astrology principles to precisely calculate compatibility. 

Why is kundli matching important in weddings?

Gun milan ensures the partners have the balance required to live in peace and harmony after marriage. It shows the strengths of the partners when they get married and the potential obstacles that can cause problems in their marital life. It reveals how their financial status will change, how the next generation will be, and the health of the couple. Kundli matching also shows how the qualities of the couple will complement one another post-marriage. It is a window into the future of the marriage. 

How is kundli matching done?

The two major methods of gun milan are Dashakoot and Ashtakoot which compute compatibility based on several aspects of life.  The method chosen depends on the Indian state where the marriage is taking place. It can be done by consulting an astrologer or using reliable online platforms such as Each aspect in both Dashakoot and Ashtakoot methods carries a maximum number of points. The total is 36 points. When checking compatibility, a score out of the maximum is given and a total is calculated. 


South Indian states follow the Dashakoota (or Dashakoot) method of kundli matching which checks compatibility in ten areas; gana (4 points), rasi (7 points), dina (3 points), rashyadhi (5 points), mahendra (2 points), vasya (2 points), stree deergha (2 points), rajju (5 points), yoni (4 points), and vedha (2 points). An aspect is called porutham in Tamil. 


All the North Indian states and the remaining states follow the Ashtakoota (or Ashtakoot) system of gun milan which checks compatibility in eight areas; varna (1 point), vashya (2 points), tara (3 points), yoni (4 points), graha maitri (5 points), gana (6 points), bhakoot (7 points), and nadi (8 points).  These aspects are called kootas. 

When the kundli milan by AstroSage, Jothishi, or any other method is done, the total number of points of compatibility is added. If these are less than 18, it means the compatibility between the couple is very low and it is not recommended that the couple should get married. If the points are between 18 and 24, then the match is acceptable and can work. If the points add up to 25 to 32, it means the marriage will be long-lasting and good. The match is made in heaven if the points add up to 33 and above.

AstroSage kundli matching vs Jothishi kundli matching

AstroSage and Jothishi are two kundli matching websites that offer kundli matching services to their customers. 

Details required and languages

AstroSage and Jothishi require the following details of the boy and girl; full name, date of birth, time of birth, and birthplace. Jothishi enables one to save the profile (or details entered) for future uses for extra convenience and ease of checking compatibility in an instant. Jothishi and AstroSage kundli milan in Hindi and many other languages can be easily done on their respective websites. This enables a couple to get their horoscopes matched with efficiency in their preferred language. 

Types of services offered 

Jothishi offers free and paid services. The free kundli matching service enables one to get an overall overview of compatibility using the Ashtakoot method. Jothishi also offers a paid kundli matching service that checks the compatibility of two people in 20 more factors thereby providing comprehensive compatibility insights. It provides sample reports to get an idea of what to expect. AstroSage free kundli milan is only provided using the Ashtakoot method. 

Cost of paid services

Jothishi offers a detailed report of kundli matching for only Rs. 250. One can also speak to an experienced astrologer for further questions and clarifications if needed using their chat option which is available for a fixed price. Kundli milan AstroSage Hindi also provides chat options to speak to various astrologers but the fee depends on the astrologer chosen and given on a per-minute basis which can add up quickly. 


Jothishi provides thorough reports that include checking more than 20 additional parameters between the couple. These include energy balance, chances of divorce or infidelity, luck after marriage, family insights, and dasha sandhi. Rather than give a single point of view, the couple get a 3D view which makes decision-making simpler and faster. Kundli milan AstroSage generates reports that are comparatively generic as it is focused on only the aspects of the Ashtakoot method. offers a reliable method to check kundlis online and provides the best insights for couples who want to ensure a beautiful marital life. It highlights both the good and bad aspects that may occur after marriage thereby giving a realistic approach to marriage. 


Is Dashakoot better than the Ashakoot system of kundli matching?

Both systems hold the same value as one is not better than the other. One can get trustworthy results when they use either the Dashakoot or the Ashtakoot system as both are part of Vedic astrology and can be trusted. 

How long does it take to generate a kundli matching report by takes less than a minute to generate a detailed report and display it for more convenience. One can also download the PDF report with a single click and store it for use later. There is no limit to how many times kundli matching is done. 

Is a name sufficient for kundli matching?

Jothishi or AstroSage kundli milan by name in Hindi is possible but it is always recommended to add other details such as time, date, and place of birth for better calculations and predictions. Ensuring these details are added will allow for better predictions. 

Does offer marriage date predictions?

Yes, offers marriage date predictions so one can get an idea of when they will get married. Many people who have used’s services have testified to the accuracy of the date predictions.